Kamis, 19 Juni 2014

Help from trendy fashion women. meeting that goes to an evening event. Not black tie required.?

Q. Wearing a black dress red shoes with a black heel and small red bag with a black rose detail. What color hose??? I see all the stars wearing natural, I am old school and want to to look trendy. I always thought sheer black hose. Please send answers soon It is tomorrow nite

A. Sheer black hose with red shoes would not look good. I would definitely go with a more natural color.

what is a good trendy boutique name?
Q. Target age 16-35
Selling trendy clothing, accessories, handbags, and shoes will be imported from Hong Kong, Japan & Korea.

A. At the end of the day you want paying customers. That why you target and older crowd, with a younger trendy look. Sure a 16 yr old might walk through the door, but the mom is right behind her, or she's holding her mom's credit card.

That being said, copying someone else is the best measure. No need to reinvent the wheel.

That being said, I was given some personal advice from someone in the industry. "Name your store after someone's name" It is much easier to brand Annabelle Borgia than it is to brand The Hand Bag. And, the reason why is, because people can be led to believe Annabelle is a real person and she dresses a certain way, and girl / women will fantasize about being her. The Hand Bag really doesn't translate to a whole frame of mind.

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