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what are really trendy shoe brands?


1. Michael Kors
2. Aldo
3. Zara

There are also trendy shoes that you can buy easily since a lot of people including me can't afford to buy Aldo and Michael Kors shoes all the time like Macy's. I believe that if you look long and hard, you'll find it. =)) Good luck! :)

Edit: I COMPLETELY FORGOT CONVERSE!!! :( I love those and also Havaianas for flip flops and Steve Madden. For sneakers, there's Ecko Red and Dunks too :) I hate Dunks though, and Crocs. OHMYGOSH. I don't like Crocs. =)) HAHAHAHA.

Do anyone know where I can find fashion trendy wide width shoes?

A. Call Customer Service 1-800#, or email them.
This is YAHOO, it's a World Wide Web and many of us have not even bought anything or work @WIDE shoes or any other shoe stores.

Buyer beware when it comes to buying shoes online, and I do not rec. using PayPal. I got screwed, took 3 years for my credit.
I bought 2 pair of shoes, $700 worth @ Zappos, where they have free shipping & free returns. I am a 5 1/2, so I bought a size 6. Returned them. Ordered a 5, too small. I saved $700.
I went to Nordstrom's, they're having shoe sales. Found 2 shoes, both less than $300. Both were rated as 'best comfortable shoes for walking'. BTW: I wore one of the boots for 4 hours, and I didn't even do that much walking, mostly standing on the same spot . . . . and I was already limping. I took it back the following day!
My son bought a pair of Nike beach sandals. They didn't come in his size, so he bought the one larger. They weren't sold in stores! He was walking around sandals too big, only because he didn't want to pay for return shipping and re-stocking fees.
Shoes that are good for some, may hurt your feet. Just saying!

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