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Where can I find fashionable plus size shoes?

Q. Does anyone know where I can buy either in a store or online trendy plus size shoes like for a size 12 womans foot? Every website I find has real ugly and outdated shoes. HELPP!
anddd... I'm not a monster, I'm just really tall at 6'1 so its hard for me to find tall lengths and bigger shoes =(

A. I believe Payless goes up to a 13. Nordstrom is always a good bet - they started out as a hard to find shoe specialist, way back when, and have kept that aspect of their business up even after re-focusing to fashion.

There are quite a few more listed in our shoe directory, that notes sizes (and widths) at:

Women with narrow shoe size, please help!?
Q. I need some career-type closed toe dress shoes. I don't want to look like an old granny, I'm 32, and I have between a N and S width. Any shoes brands out there that don't cost a small fortune and are trendy, and more on the narrow size. I've tried Lifestrides, and their AA (narrow) is too big, and their AAA shoes are all so outdated looking. Thanks!

A. Check out & Nordstrom's stores or

You can search by size on both sites.

related links:

other online stores (good sales)

Naturalizer & Easy Spirit are brands worth considering too.

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