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I have fat feet does anyone know where I can buy heels?

Q. I have fat feet and I really love wearing heels and wedged shoes the only problem is I have a hard time finding shoes that fit and it makes me really really embarrassed when I can't buy the shoes I want so I was wondering if anyone knew of any trendy cool sites or shops in Atlanta that have shoes for women with fat feet.

A. The Avenue (which is a plus-size clothing store) has some shoes in wide widths (; they're called "Cloudwalkers" shoes...but I'd go to a store & try them on, because they seem to run a little big); Payless; or go to a website like www. or and search for the shoes that come in wider widths.

I also have wider feet...some brands are better than others. Nine West & Bandolino seem to run a little wider than some other brands of dressy shoes; for casual shoes, Born is actually a M/W width and they have some adorable wedgy sandals.

Ladies: What are a really good pair of black shoes for clubbing/heading out?
Q. You often hear one of the first thing a woman notices about a guy is his shoes. What would be good examples of those that make a good impression?
...and I have huge feet, does that matter?
Let me preface by saying I'm an adult male, not a teenager. Thanks for all the feedback and any specific suggestions you can give.

A. make sure your shoes are polished, go for a slightly pointed look, its smart and trendy and shows that you take care in your appearance and that you're fashion forward...also gives the impression of bigger feet and that will certainly get the ladies' attention!

Zara for men or Topshop are really good

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