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What shops in Australia sell trendy converse shoes?

Q. What shops in Australia sell converse shoes, like the trendy ones guys are wearing these days?

I'm looking for one similar to the top left one listed on the following link:

thanks for any help.

A. general pants co, foot locker, rebel sports, glue... im sure you'll find a store that stocks them in every westfield/large shopping centre

Can Someone Tell Me How to choose shoes?
Q. I don't mean how to pick a sneaker or a regular shoe (I know that already). I mean the shoes that you wear with your suit (or tuxedo). Can someone give me some tips? Thank You.
And also tell me where I can buy the shoes? Thank You.
And also tell me where I can buy the shoes? Thank You.

A. Buy something with a rounded pointed toe with minimal detail. And it has to be black, and buff them up with a shoe care kit before you go. Balance the shininess of the shoe with the shininess of your suit.

Also, be aware that the amount you spend will be pretty visible in the quality of leather so don't skimp out—don't pretend that cos some people can't tell the difference that the difference is invisible. Also, wear your suit pants when you go to try them on if not your whole suit.

Go to a men's shoe specialist, especially if its run by some old guy and the store looks out of date. Buy something made in Italy or England. You may buy something made in Portugal but reference it against the made in Italy stuff because they do make some pretty cheap looking shoes there too. Look for depth in the leather. You're probably looking at upwards of 280USD. Buy a brogue (safe) or a boot that goes just above your ankle if you trust your judgement on this, but both with laces. I've seen people do a loafer but I think it brings the tone down unless its a summer party outdoors and you don't wear socks and you wear a cropped slim fit suit pant.

You could go with something cheaper and it'll probably last you the night and look fine. Just buying cheap shoes is much more difficult and they never last long—I couldn't give you a buying guide over yahooanswers as it would be too long. Buying something at the 280usd bracket, if you're lucky can last you 5 years plus with some repairs and winds up being better value.

Have a look on the Sartorialist if you need some inspiration, just beware of going for something too trendy as a classic look is always a good look for men.

Oh! And I almost forgot, wear them a bunch before the actual night as it takes a while for the leather to break in. If you don't, you'll be hobbling around and have no fun

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