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What are some things that I can do to become more fashion forward?

Q. I am thinking about taking a job at a salon as receptionist but here's the problem, my look is casual! What are things that I can do to look cute and trendy without looking like I am try to hard. I need Ideas for nails, shoes, perfumes, and accessories, and clothing but all clothes have to be black.

A. To be a receptionist, you have to WOW them with your skills, not your look- but how your high your Hygiene is is definatly important!
a WEEK before you go for a job intervue:
-get a classic neon colored streak through your bangs, red, purple, teal, lime green, orange, yellow, pink- do what does with your hair color and most outfits.
- Have your split ends snipped off by a professionel.
- if you have alot of money, get a pedicure and manicure to match your streak. RED and ORANGE look vibrant and energetic. BLUE and TEAL is proven to make people more open-minded.
a NIGHT before your big day-
-Use a mask on your face and feet.
-Wash hair throughly and use conditioner.
-Pick out an outfit for tommorow- something that matches your streak. Add a necklace and earings, no bangles.
The morning of-
-wash hair again, style as usaul
-Add some sunsilk defrizz 24/7 creme for curly/wavy hair, (dry) or flat marvel by goldwell for straight/limp hair. work some herbal essences totally twisted mousse through damp curly hair, and herbal essennces body envy volumizing mousse to limp hair. let air dry. goof luck- and remember- look 'YOU'!!
good luck!


What is a cute casual outfit I can wear to school?
Q. My wardrobe is pretty basic, lots of t shirts and jeans. Can you guys help me make a couple cute outfits I can wear to school? I'm looking for something a little trendy and casual. My style is generally somewhat preppy and laid back. I love stores like forever21, american eagle, nordstroms, aeropostale, abercrombie, lulu's, bloomingdales, delia's and dsw. If the clothing items you choose could be from those stores or other easily accessible clothing retailers, I'd really appreciate it. thnx.

A. My advice is to always have some good wardrobe basics that can add a little something different to a simple outfit. I would suggest always having:

- boots! boots are huge right now, especially since it's winter. They add a hot and classy vibe without hopefully being trashy. Uggs are always good if you want to be comfy and casual. Slouchy boots (like the ones in this picture: in black, camel, grey, or creme are very fashionable. Also, fringe boots and tall leather boots are cute too. Heels add a commanding and sexy vibe to your legs and the way you walk.

- belts. Don't get anything too trashy or tacky. Stick to stuff like leather. (abercrombie or hollister. Forever 21 has some funky stuff but some stuff is also cheap and looks just as nice)

- Simple v-necks (anywhere. i like forever 21)

- Jeans in lots of different washes (if you're lucky to be really skinny and you have the money, try abercrombie or hollister.)

- rugbys! they're cute and preppy and give an instant casual, yet presentable look. (abercrombie, AE, pretty much all of the stores you asked for)

- Converse. They're classical and adorable, but stick to the lo-tops. Try DSW,, foot locker, or pretty much any shoe store.

- scarves. whenever i have a "blah" type of day, i wear a simple t shirt and a scarf because it looks like i put in more effort into looking good than i actually did. (try nordstroms, delias or pacsun)

- big earrings. attracts attention to your face and makes you look mature and cute. (forever 21 or charlotte russe)

- Yoga pants. Get black, navy and grays. They really make you feel skinny and confident, but make sure you wear a thong! American Eagle, Victorias secret, or Target. Pretty much every store that sells athletic clothes have them too.

On top of that, i usually stick to skinny jeans (hydraulic jeans from nordstroms are a great brand) and flowy, banded shirts (forever 21). I hope i helped(:

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