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Where do teenage girls buy their clothes?

Q. So I'm lacking fashionable clothes right now, where do girls buy their clothes from these days?

A. Hi I'm 13 and I buy my clothes at:
-Hollister ( Its my favorite store and they have the cutest clothes ever. I love there skinny and super skinny jeans, there cute lace/sheer tops, there skirts, belts, shoes, and jean shorts)
-American Eagle ( They have really cute shoes, and some clothes I like too)
-Abercrombie ( Its like Hollister exept Abercrombie is for adults and Hollister is for teens)
-Old Navy ( Sometimes I get they're rompers, and shirts Oh and I got this super cute peacoat there too)
And I buy my accesories at:
-Coach ( I love Coach and its really in style now I have a really cute scarf and wristlet from there that I wear all the time)
Other brands I LOVE:
UGG- (omg UGG boots are my Favorite shoes for winter they are so cute and warm)
The North Face- ( I love north face jackets they're so warm and trendy:)

What are some basic things girls need in their wardrobe?
Q. Like how many shirts, jeans and stuff like that.

I'm 12 btw:) oh and my parents know I have a yahoo answers thingy

A. By the time a teenage girl reaches high school, there are certain items of clothing that she should have in her closet. The following is a list of how to start building a basic wardrobe that will last for years:

Find a pair of jeans that fit exceptionally well. They don’t have to be an expensive brand; the fit is more important than the label.

Avoid too-trendy styles such as skinny jeans, extra wide legs or overly distressed denim. Ideally, straight-leg or a slight flare works the best. Choose a hue between medium and dark denim.

Every girl should own a pair of great black pants. The less embellishments the better, so that the pants can go with anything. They should be fitted, but not too tight.

Also purchase a pair of pants in a lighter, neutral color such as tan or beige.

A classic white button-down is versatile and never goes out of style.

A plain black shirt always comes in handy. Try three-quarter length sleeves – very slimming, very Audrey Hepburn.

Tank tops in various colors to layer under other shirts.

Here’s where neutral isn’t necessary – have fun with patterns or colors (because the jeans and pant choices will go with anything.)

Some fun patterns to search for:

•Jeweled or sequined

For a cold climate, a heavy coat is needed. For warmer climates, a coat isn’t as imperative.

A denim jacket can be worn with almost any outfit. Again, avoid trends, keeping the style and color classic.

If expenses allow, a leather jacket is always in style. Leather only gets softer and better looking with wear.

Girls should own:

•A denim skirt
•A plain black skirt
•A fancy dress – don’t go overboard with buying fancy dresses for “just in case” occassions. If a dance or party comes up, she’ll probably want to buy a new dress at that time.
•Several casual dresses and skirts that can be dressed up or dressed down

•Flats are still in style and aren't going away anytime soon. Buy several pairs in different colors or patterns to jazz up any outfit.
•A pair of dress shoes
•A pair of tennishoes

Just as important as outerwear!

•Thong underwear for pants (no lines) -- own pairs in at least white and black
•Seamless boy shorts to wear under dresses and skirts; white, neutral/beige, black
•"Casual" bras in white, nude and black
•A nicer bra for under dressier clothes
•A full slip and a half slip
Starting with these pieces, buy trendier and fun items of clothing – she already has the basics to make any outfit gorgeous.

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