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nice boots for a larger woman?

Q. My friend bought a pair of mid-calf boots from The Avenue, as they are supposed to accomodate larger calves. She couldn't get them zipped up and now she is depressed. She returned them for something else but she really wants a trendy pair of boots that will fit her comfortable and I would love to surprise her, maybe for Christmas! Suggestions?

Calf approx 20"

A. They are not cheap but they will work for larger (and smaller than average) calves. Custom made boots from the UK. They do ship to the US and the boots are really nice. The website is duoboots dot com. Good luck!

Dr. Martens size question?
Q. I'm looking to buy a pair of Dr. Martens 1460 boots.

I'm a size 8 in women's. My feet aren't wide or too narrow
So should I stick with a size 8 when I buy them online?

(I've done some research and found that some people say they run too big, or too narrow, or too small.. all very conflicting leaving me a bit confused.)

Here's the link to the exact pair: http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/dr-martens-1460-8-eye-boot-women/3423137?origin=category&contextualcategoryid=0&fashionColor=&resultback=0

A. Dr. Martens I think are a good buy. They'll wear like iron, & last you forever, & they're classic & don't really go out of style. They do have times where they're more popular, & lately more people have been wearing them, but they don't go out of style even when they aren't as trendy. I had pairs when I was a teen that I'd still wear now if I had them, & that look basically exactly the same as the ones people wear now, & this is going back about 15 yrs. So they're a classic & a good investment. My most fav ones were black, mid-calf, but the best part was they had a thicker than average sole and steel toes, which was so cute because it sort of bumped up the toes. But I digress....
But with the sizing, I don't know if they do it the same for the ones specifically marked as 'womens' or not, but the ones I had were all unisex styles. I had boots & sandals, & while I usually wear a ladies size 10 in US sizes, all my Docs were a size 8. But like I said, they were all unisex styles, & I never had any specifically marked as 'women's'. On top of that, UK sizes tend to run differently anyway. I'd read the reviews & see what they say; if there's none or not that many for the specific pair you want, read reviews on their other women's boots & see what most of the people are saying about the sizing. And check to see if there's a 1-800 number-often times the people on the phone can help with sizing. Or see if there's a store in your area that carries Docs & go try them on to get an idea before you place your order. Because even though Nordstrom is good w/returns & does free shipping both ways, I know how it is if it's something you want, you don't want to go through all of that w/exchanging them and even risk them being sold out by the time you make your exchange.

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