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When should males start buying from mens?

Q. I am 5 feet tall. my shoe size is 6.5, but i always wear a half size bigger so that i can make them last longer while i get newer shoes so i can have alot of them. And one more thing, whats the difference between Kids, Juniors, and Men. not really kids, andmen, but how is juniors different from men and kids and what is it? Also i'm turning 13 next month

A. My personal feeling is that you should star buying men's clothes when you start high school. This includes both men's departments, and also stores meant for both teens and young adults, like American Eagle and the like.

Also, in a department store, the differences are something like
Kids = for little kids
Juniors = trendy crap
Men's/Ladies = a variety of clothes meant for adults, or teenagers who prefer classics over weird fads and trends, but you have to find what's right for you because these sections have things meant for 15-year-olds all the way to things meant for 100-year-olds.

Ladies: What are a really good pair of black shoes for clubbing/heading out?
Q. You often hear one of the first thing a woman notices about a guy is his shoes. What would be good examples of those that make a good impression?
...and I have huge feet, does that matter?
Let me preface by saying I'm an adult male, not a teenager. Thanks for all the feedback and any specific suggestions you can give.

A. make sure your shoes are polished, go for a slightly pointed look, its smart and trendy and shows that you take care in your appearance and that you're fashion forward...also gives the impression of bigger feet and that will certainly get the ladies' attention!

Zara for men or Topshop are really good

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