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Women where do you get your trendy but affordable clothes?

Q. any good web sites with cute trendy clothes, shoes, that wont burn a whole in your pockets~

A. For must have on A budget,E-bay, and craigs list.

How to look, dress more girly?
Q. I am so totaly girly on the inside, i love skirts, dresses, shorts, blouses etc. And i definatly love heels and wedges. I wear wedges to school. And i guess i look alot girly but i wantt to look even more.

A. NOTE: This is a really long article. I am posting the Clothes and Style section here but there is much, much more at the source below, including Grooming, Make-up & Health , Behavior, Tips, Warnings, and Things You'll Need!

Clothes & Style

1 Have a sense of style. Being fashionable is important. Note that this does not necessarily mean "trendy". Try to read more fashion magazines to learn what kinds of clothing go well together. Try teen magazines like Teen Vogue and Seventeen for starters, and if you want to, move on to adult fashion magazines like Elle and In Style. Try mixing and matching the clothes in your closet. The results may not always be great, but you're bound to discover new and cute combinations. Be sure to Have Your Own Style have your own style, because it's not right to wear something that just isn't you. It's often better to have a basic personal style than to always be chasing the latest "fad" look. You could waste hundreds of dollars on clothes just for them to go out of style a few weeks later. When buying clothes to set up your wardrobe, buy the girly girl basics.

2 Slowly add special pieces to to your wardrobe that will accentuate your look. Pink is a typical girl color, but don't shy away from blacks and blues, as they can also look very cute! Your wardrobe should contain:
Light-wash and dark-wash denim skirts
Light-wash and dark-wash shorts
At least one pair of dark-wash skinny jeans.
Six plain tank-tops in the colors: pink, peach, blue, light green, lavender, and white. These will be good for layering or a weekend casual look when paired with shorts or jeans.
Cute panties. (No one will see them, of course. But they will make you feel cute, nonetheless.)
At least three comfortable pairs of shoes: one pair of workout sneakers (a girly girl is never to be seen outside the gym with sneakers), and a couple of pairs of cute shoes (heels, moccasins, flats, sandals, take your pick). Ultimately, a girly girl can never have too many shoes!
Three cute dresses. When shopping for dresses, remember: short or tight, chose only one. Do not pair them both. Go for neutral colors that can be matched with other things for fancy occasions, but also buy colorful and cute sundresses for the summer time!
Use mostly pastel colors, but neutrals go with everything. Have enough clothes in both types of colors to mix and match.
Wear clothing that fits. Don't wear low cut jeans if you don't feel comfortable, but make sure your jeans fit you and are not tight or baggy. A belt is okay, but the fit says it all. Try on lots of brands, styles, cuts, and sizes. Not every size jean will fit the same, depending on the brand. The same goes with shirts. Not tight, not baggy. If your shirt is so tight you can see your bra or you have trouble getting your shirt off of your back, then it's too tight. To see if the shirt is too small, raise your arms up. If your stomach shows when you do this, then the shirt is excessively short! Things like camisoles are supposed to fit tight however.
Remember, you don't have to buy brand name clothing. Brands are just status symbols designed to make people feel superior. Don't get caught up in that behavior, because you really don't have to spend a lot of money to be girly. Just make sure you choose clothing very carefully, so that you don't waste money. On the other hand, if you like something that is affordable and it's a brand name, don't avoid buying it just because you don't want to buy brand names.

3 Good stores to buy girly clothes are:
Forever 21 (trendy clothes and accessories for women and men)
Rue 21 (casual apparel for both women and men)
Wet Seal (moderately priced clothes and accessories for young women)
Charlotte Russe (clothing and accessories for teenage girls and young women)
Alloy (clothes for teens and college students)
Dillard's (a wide variety of clothes for women and men)
Ardene (affordable clothing for young women)
Justice (clothes and lifestyle products for young girls)
Victoria's Secret (fashionable outer and under wear for women)
Aeropostale (cute, trendy clothing for teenagers and both men and women)
Hollister (cute, more sporty look for teen girls and guys)
Abercrombie and Fitch (fashionable look for young men and women)
Delia's (cute clothes for girls and teen girls)

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