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what do you teen guys think?! :D?

Q. Ok recently I wen to santa monica beach, and it was fun and everyhting, but when we got ready to go to the fair or fun stuff they have there you know. I was looking aorund and I notice all these hot cute handsome guys wlaking around and beautiful stunning girls with nice smooth makeup and nice trendy clothes! omg I also saw adults you know woman and man wearing expensive clothing and woman with nice flawless makeup that looks like it cost a lot lol and I'm all here wearing a grey simple sweater grey shotrs and white tenni shoes and my hair all freezy and damage looking lol because of th esalt water i guess and i was thinking dang all this peopel are so lucky and blessed to have want they have but apparently they dont know and i kind of felt like they look down on people like me or maybe it wa sjust me!? lol so my question is specially if any of you live ove rhtere and go for walks there what do u think of people like me that we are just with limited resources you know we are not rich but we are not poor either we just have our ups and downs like some ppl do too. I'm Latina I have tan olive skin tone like a light dark skin tone and of cours ewhen i got out of the beahc i wa spretty burned lol I amm fat i weight 192 im not pretty in any way but i do like my eyes and my smile :D So I wa sjust wondering and yes I'm proud to be who i am and what i have and where i come form :D but that was my question and I apparently like those guys a lot lol they had nice tan they dont dress like all the cholos u see around lol they have nice hair and hazel , brown and blue or green eyes lol I'm a sucker for honey brown eyes or guys with blond hair american of course with brown eyes omg i sa wlots of thos ebut they well actually no guy ever looked at me haha how sad and im all imagining about marrying one of those :) Please dont judge me and dont be rude.

A. Your confidence is another one of your good qualities. The fact that you can acknowledge that you aren't "them" is admirable and you'll find someone that can appreciate you for who you are. Corny as it sounds, you seem like a good person, and there's never a shortage of people looking for that.

What to wear: Spring break trip to Long Beach, CA?
Q. I live in the Midwest and it's still pretty cold, doesn't feel like spring. I'm traveling to Long Beach, CA with a friend for Spring Break, March 13-19. What should I wear, any ideas? I'm a trendy person, but with the temperature differences, I can't wear the same clothes to CA.

Could I wear shoes like these?

What kind of clothes do you guys wear? I'm guessing most people are pretty trendy.

Thanks a lot!

A. Wearing hoodies here is just as popular as it is in the Midwest. I've got a family in the Midwest and there isn't the fashion gap there used to be. You can't go wrong with flip flops and Converse All Stars. Toms are a popular casual brand of shoe too. Sandals of all kinds are always popular. People actually still wear Uggs boots here, sometimes with shorts. It's an ugly look. Wearing very expensive jeans like 7 For All Mankind is still popular. American Apparel is also popular. Both are Los Angeles brands.
Don't bother bringing a bathing suit unless you're staying in a hotel with a heated pool or you just plan on laying out. The water will still be in the 50's. Our March temperatures are high 60's, low 70's during the day and in the upper 40's, low 50's at night.
Long Beach isn't a Spring Break destination. Our large shipping port makes the beaches and water undesirable and polluted. It's still pretty to look at and there is a nice paved bike path along the beach, just don't expect crowds. Huntington Beach is where you will find more people.

There are millions of people in the LA area and people dress every way imaginable. Most people are not trendy.

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