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Cool running shoes help?

Q. I need new running shoes. They need to be stylish but also good. I'm 14 and a boy

A. I would suggest getting Asics. They have a lot of sweet looking shoes. I don't know what kind of arch type or pronation you have, so i can't list a certain kind of shoe. I'll list a few that look pretty sweet, but are good quality too. One of my first suggestions would be the Asics Gel-Phoenix 4. It is a really cool shoe. (I have actually had this pair myself.) It is comfortable and all of the color choices are pretty sweet. Here is a link to them. . The Phoenix are more of a stablity shoe. The next pair is a really bright, colorful pair. They really stand out. I don't know if you would like that or not. They are a lighter pair of shoes, and feel a little faster. They do not have as much support though. They are the Asics Gel-Noosa Tri 7. Here is a link. . My third choice for you would be the Nike Free Run 4.0. It is a very popular shoe right now, very trendy. A lot of people find them extremely comfy. They are another light-weight pair. Here is a link to them.

I'm going to a fair tonight. It's going to be about 70 degrees out. What should i wear?
Q. I was planing on wearing these cute ripped high waisted white jean shorts.
- top
- cardigan
- bra ( cute boys are going)
- shoes ( white converse, brown combat boots, grey and brown ruffly boots)
- accsesories
- maybe a cute little bag
I'm trying to be trendy and A LOT OF CUTE BOYS ARE GOING soo.. HELP PLEASE

A. Top=plaid shirt
Bra=push up
Accessories=maybe so bangles or necklace
Bag=maybe like a cute little back pack purse

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