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Please help fashion crisis!!:|?

Q. Alright this might be a little long but please bare with me and I'll try to sum it up at fast and as best as I can.
So first off I need a outfit check. My friends and I are going shopping tomorrow evening and I'm wearing a high wasted black pencil skirt with a striped yellow and grey shirt tucked in; the skirt goes a little above my knee. My first question is what shoes would look best with that outfit and what accessories? My second question is should I wear like black tights with it or no( I wasn't planning to but it rains 360 days out of the year where I live). And if you have hair suggestions that would be helpful too. I have long super curly red hair.

Next thing: this year I am going to be a sophomore and I'm going to a new school but I know only a few people there and I want to really wow them and make my next 3 years as a highschooler a good one. My parents are very successful in their businesses and get paid a very large amount but don't indulge their payments in things like cars, phones, clothing, stuff like that. My parents focus pretty much entirely on education. Which is fine with me but I have no money to buy cloths and they won't give me any. I'm starting to work soon and my goal is to get to $600 and go on a big back to school shopping spree. I HATE spending tons of money and not being satisfied with what I got. I usually shop all over but everything is sooo expensive and I don't really find what I want. Can someone help me on outfit ideas or just something to spark my imagination? Send me links or pictures of cute outfits. My style is pretty and girly but I'm an big athlet too so I have lots of sweatshirts. I want to be pushed out of my confert zone into like modern hippy and vintage with like some rock in it.... if that made any sence at all. So yeah help:)

Thank you guys soooooooo much for reading this it means a lot!!!:) 10 points to the best answer and my forever love:)

A. A MODern, semi-hippie/semi-athelete, college co-ed with long,. curly red hair can be pulled together and give an awesome impression to eliminating anything trendy and focusing on basics.

Stepping out of one's comfort zone is important..especially with clothing/style options because it's remarkable how one is perceived when they alter the way they dress. It really does 'make the man' (or woman).

Let's say one dressed in faded jeans and t-shirts all the time. I can see why they would wonder about changing their look and style, especially when they're about to start college. An easy, do-able transition may be simple, cotton basics. A little more preppy vs hippie. (I like 'hippie', though).

Always check out outlet stores, outlet malls, and stores that offer name brand separates at much lower than dept. store prices. Dept. stores and trendy retail stores ARE too expensive. That's why smart consumers cut the costs by saving where they can.

Buying bulk packages of 100% cotton tanks, short and long sleeved cotton shirts, (even men's tanks) cost much less, and are virtually interchangeable with most things. Plain, cotton, solid color (black is a must) leggings are standard. A track suit (cotton), (navy, black or khaki colors), with a pair of track shoes easy.

-3 pair of flat-front, cotton, slim, (but not tight) low-rise pants. (black, khaki and navy)
-3 long sleeved cotton tops (black, khaki and navy)
-12-pack of cotton, ribbed tanks (black white and navy)
-2 cotton, cardigans (navy and black)
-2 longer flat-front cotton skirts (black and navy)
-2 over-sized, cotton, button-down, long-sleeved shirts (white and black)
-black and navy long-sleeved turtlenecks
-1 cute (black or navy) beret
- pair of really cute loafers
-black and navy leggings
100's of various combinations that can all be intermixed and easily mixed and matched.

black pants + black t-shirt + white cotton shirt tied at the waist.
khakis + navy t-shirt + navy cardigan
navy skirt + white shirt + navy cardigan
black pants + black tank + black cardigan
khaki skirt + navy tank + white cotton shirt and navy cardigan tied at the waist

Getting (or crocheting) one, long, cool-looking scarf in a bright, awesome color (like olive or bright red)..or one, bright red, over-sized sweater can be thrown on, over the top of every single combination and you'll appear to be really stylish, and so put together. Stick to monocromatic solid colors and neutrals = always appropriate. This style of dressing is known as the "French" style. It's effortless, and non-trendy = classic.

Basics always look pulled together and clean. Target, Gap, Old Navy, H & M are great for basics. Kmart, Walmart-type stores that sell packs of tanks and t-shirts = the best. Mix and match and don't allow yourself to buy anything trendy.

Mix & match-Secret to dressing Well

Interchangeable Clothes-Basic Starter wardrobe

Avoid anything trendy. Trendy isn't college attending, together, young female.
Trendy = tween/teen.
Bubblegum pink baby doll dresses, neon colors, logos = everyone would notice when/if you wore it again. Not practical. The trendier one dresses, the more they have to buy. Mainly because trendy items don't mix well with standard basics. They're out of style practically the day they're purchased. Neon purple is only a "hit" for a couple of weeks and then it's a "miss".

Standard basics can be purchased at outlet stores, Target (really cute stuff), or even local thrift stores have basics. Who cares if they were 'previously worn'..if they're cute, basic, and fit well.

When one dresses with clean, "preppy", mix and match basics, the impression is that person is together. She's organized, she's smart, she's not trendy, she's not misguided, she's not immature, she's not driven by knee-jerk decisions = all good.

Low Self-Esteem: I never like what I wear!!?
Q. Hello I am a 19 year old college student. I think I have low self-esteem. Well I am a Latina short about 5'1 and I do have wide hips (not scary huge) and my weight is around 135-140. The problem is that I never like what I wear. Every time I shop for jeans they never look good, well at least that's the way I feel. I love wearing shorts because that's about the only bottoms I actually feel good wearing, including dresses. I feel like not a lot of clothes looks good on me, though. I am very confused of my body type as well. And every time i lot at magazines or google how petite girls are supposed to wear I only get petite slim girls with no to small hips. If someone here is a fashionista or some kind of self esteem counselor please help me!!!
I just read over my question and I'm sorry if it doesn't make sense!

A. There are a couple/few things going on here:

You're likely shopping at Junior stores (Forever 21 type stores and shops that focus on the tween/teen market) The majority of the clothing in Junior stores has been designed, constructed, fit and manufactured on very small Asian women. If a curvy female wears a size 2 in womens clothing, she may walk into a Junior store and be stunned to learn that she has to buy a large or an XL. Junior clothes are not designed with curves in mind..everything is (basically) perfect if one is built like an 11 yr old boy. Curvy teen girls are sad when none of the Junior, trendy-type clothing looks or feels right on them.

Clothing that has been produced for the Latin market is quite different. Everything is generously cut, using fit models that are fully bummed and curvy. Some women will purchase their jeans and trousers ONLY at websites that are for the Latina/Latin market.

When you shop, you're likely buying the first cutest thing you see..without bringing a list. You HAVE to have a list, mija. Anyone who sits, dazed and front of a closet that's jammed with clothing..and yet HAS NOTHING TO WEAR (all of us at one time or another)
This person is succumbing to "impulse buying" :clothing that is too trendy and goes with nothing they already own.

The result is lots of clothes but nothing to wear. Nobody wants to be buy basics. We ALL detest buying a plain pair of khakis when we see something cuter and more exciting. But we NEED them.

Sit down with your closet and re-organize into piles;
I wear

I will NEVER wear


Donate the Never's to charity immediately. Now go through the rest.

You need
Black jeans
thick, black (quality) supportive leggings
skinny jeans
NOT-skinny jeans (boot cut)
solid cotton plain dresses
solid (no logo), extra long, stretchy tanks and t-shirts in black, white, and neutrals
solid colored mini cardis
denim shirt
white shirt
(both can be used a million ways).

black flats,
sneakers, etc.
(I won't go on, you get the picture I'm sure).
You need basic, "boring", neutral pants, skirts, cardies, shirts, long sleeved as well as tanks. You need BASICS.

Make a list and stick to it.

Start dressing in a monochromatic way
one solid color from head to toe (it elongates the body and makes the person look thinner)

Stop shopping in Junior stores. You're too curvy for that. You're a woman and little girls clothing won't work. Buy some stretchy body shaper tops (really cute and look like long tank tops) but re-shape the whole torso (you'll LOVE). Make a list and get your basics out of the way. No impulse buying until you have your basics. (wear a track suit everywhere you go until you like what you have in your closet) People will think you're really healthy and active. btw; you NEED at least 2 cute track suits..put it on your list. NOT pink. Black, navy or white.

No trendy shoes, either. You need basics that can be worn with e-v-e-r-y-t-h-i-n-g (like black flats, plain white Keds and UGGs)

Body shaper black camisole tank:
(they have these everywhere at better prices..even Target, etc.)

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