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Question about clothing (boys)?

Q. Hi, I'm italian and in Italy young people spend lots of money to buy fashionable clothes (Nike airmax/airforce, tight Carrera Jeans, Ralph Lauren shirt with a necklace underneath, hair sticking up with gel and for some an earing on one ear is typical way of an italian male to dress. Is it the same in the US? I've heard americans tend to dress more confortable than trendy. Oh one last question: in Italy abercrombie and fitch and Hollister are considered very cool because it's american clothing (also college like sweaters have big success) but do you like these brands? Thanx!!!

A. A lot of teens & young adults do dress as you all do. Inner city kids, teens, adults usually go for the trend instead of comfort. One earring in the left ear is common for boys sometimes 2. Hollister & Ambercrombie & Fitch are very popular. Although, not every one in America dresses the same. Older people usually go for comfort instead of style.

I wear a lot of those brands. Most of my clothes are American Eagle, Ralph Lauren, Levi Jeans, Nike Shoes, some Adidas, no earrings. I graduated high school this year. People at my school wore the Hollister, Jordans, Airmax, Tru Religion, etc.

The hair gel is usually with the Latinos and Italians. No one else does the gel. Never heard of the Carrera Jeans & Aeropostale is out of style here. We do wear the college 'sweaters' we call them hoodies.

what is the fashion for teenage boys 16-19 wear in australia adelaide?
Q. i stay in uk but mving to adelaide in 13 days! i wear prada cup sneakers whatever its called i just call it prada trainers/g star jeans / nike air force trainers adidas trainers/armani etc but what is the trend like in australia? like is it trendy etc like america or what? like what kind o clothes do they wear mostly at the night life in clubs and stuff like on the weekends for a night out! help please thanks!

A. I was just there about a week ago. Most of the guys i saw were wearing board shorts, and either tanks, t-shirts, or golf shirts with them. Some had trendy jeans, with golf shirts, or collared shirts. As for shoes .. a lot had flip flops on.. or trendy trainer type shoes.

There really was some of everything. I did notice when i was downtown in the city that everyone was dressed very trendy and business like for work.

They seem pretty trendy there.. but have a look of thier own.

When you're there go check out Glenelg on a weekend. It's pretty fun.

Hope that helps you out.

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