Senin, 10 Februari 2014

Why do some women interfere when their partner tends to buy shoes?

Q. Some women (wives/girfriends) gets in the way whenever their partner tries to get new pairs of shoes. For instance, the woman would say that she doesn't like them, they're ugly or she doesn't really like them BUT HEY...THEY ARE NOT THE ONES WHO ARE GONNA WEAR THEM NOR MATCH THEM WITH CERTAIN WARDROBES!!!

Furthermore, why does men let that happen when they are the ones who should choose the style and fit that they are comfortable with???

Lastly, some men allow that to happen. Why? It's pathetic when they lose their SAY in that matter.

A. Because the women will have to be seen with the man who is wearing them and if it's a bad/outdated/too trendy/disliked style, she'll be razzed about her mans gear.
Not how society should be but realistically how it is.
She knows this. And, she cares.

Women's Running shoes!?
Q. I need to purchase new running shoes. I currently run 5-7 miles per day mainly on the treadmill. I have narrow feet and VERY high arches. My current pair are Asics to which I added poly sorb insoles, I love them now, but they were really hard to break in, they pushed down on my toes for a long time (no they are not too small, I always get my feet measured and the size has been the same for a long time). So ladies or men who REALLY know about women's running shoes, can anyone recommend a shoe for my foot type and need that will not take forever to break in? I would love to go to a specialty running store, but there is not one in my area.
BTW-I don't care about what is cute or trendy.

A. 2 words: New Balance. They're great running and walking shoes.. They are very light weight and merciless on the balls of your feet... They are really comfortable... I ran track and I would slip them on after I ran and they are a good quality shoe.. pricy but good.

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