Selasa, 11 Februari 2014

Hottest new shoes?

Q. I need new shoes but i dont want 2 buy any more nikes or Adidas. What are the next popular mens casual basketball shoes?

A. Vans Sk8 Hi-top Classic- trendy, chic and sporty
>>club, date, chillin, sports, you can where em anywhere
>>plus they're cheap

Air Jordans- rap culture necessity, reliable athletic shoe
>>hundreds of designs, performance shoes

Converse Chuck Taylors- one word "classic"

Nike Dunks- A twist on the regular nike
>>trendy "hipster" shoe, variety of colors, expensive

BOTTOM LINE: Get the Vans, they're the lace up kind and they're the trendiest for the money, you can get em for less than 50.

where can i get clothes and shoes like quinn from glee?
Q. i watch glee ALL the time and i am CONSTANTLY in awe of quinn's clothes and how amazing she always looks! i live in Australia and i want to know where i can buy clothes and shoes like hers that aren't too expensive! if you could give me any websites or stores where i could buy clothes like that, it would be amazing!

A. I think wholesaler shave the most suitable answer for your question there you will get big range of different branded and non branded trendy clothes and shoes. It could be very economical to make shopping from wholesalers because they provide less prices and exciting deals as compare to the market rates.

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