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What are the most popular teen stores right now?

Q. I'm 14 and I need a new wardrobe! I have no style :( What stores are really popular? What types of clothing are "in"? I have about $300 of birthday money to spend. Thanks everybody!!!!!

A. Definitely forever21 for cheap clothes and on trend stuff.
Wetseal is pretty cheap and similar to forever21, and so is Love Culture.
Try nordstrom (rack) for great quality pieces. If you go to a regular nordstrom, though, the stuff is so expensive :o
Free People and Brandy Melville are super popular right now (and they have a lot of "in" stuff), but both are a bit pricier than your typical mall store.
If you are willing to wear second hand clothes, try Plato's Closet - its like a thrift store but a bit more expensive because it only carries brand name clothes that are in trend right now. Its still way cheaper than the original prices even though its more expensive that somewhere like Goodwill or a consignment shop.
Tilly's, Francesca's, Kohl's, Macy's, Charlotte Russe, Aeropostale, delias, Old Navy or Gap, Garage (�), and Zara are some other places to try.Target has everything - makeup, accessories, school supplies, and clothes so I would recommend at least checking that out. And the prices are really good too!

Clothing trends are:
Jumpers/pullovers are supposedly going to be in for winter, paired with jeans or leggings.
Cardigans are always great :D
Oxblood/burgundy/maroon is the color of this fall/winter so pick up some stuff in that color for this school year. I have a pair of jeans in this color that I love. So soft, and the shade is perfect!
Tribal prints were in for summer and spring, but I think as we transition into fall not many people are going to be wearing tribal prints any more. Same with colored jeans and neon pants.
Flannel and plaid shirts are definitely in. Just button downs in general.
Flowy tops are trendy right now, something like this: I would pair this with a scarf and skinny jeans and any type of shoe as an outfit :D
Peter pan collared tops were in this summer, not sure if they will stay for the whole school year.
Patterned, like floral or polka dotted jeans, are trendy right now. You can get really cute ones at AE.
BLAZERS! Especially for the chilly days in fall, I would get a fitted blazer for school.
Definitely combat boots and riding boots. Furry slippers (like ugg slippers) were in last winter, not sure about 2012. These are the combat boots I really want, but none of the colors are in my size >.<

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