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Why are polish women who "came off the boat" so trashy?

Q. I live in a city that has a really high population of polish girls who moved here from Poland. They are 100 percent, straight off the boat polish. Why is it that they act and dress so trashy? These girls when they show up for church wear short skirts, heavy makeup, and pink high heels! These girls are still teenagers. Alot of them are 15 and 16 years old! Alot of them become strippers as well and they drink pretty heavy at a young age. What is it about these women that make them so trashy? What is sad is their mothers and fathers allow them to be like this in front of them!

A. Like you, I live in a city that has one of the largest population of Poles outside of Poland and I have also been to Poland for 4 weeks, travelling to various cities and towns. I must say that your view of Poles is flawed at best. Unlike you, I believe that Poles are very traditional and conservative people when compared to Americans, Japanese, and Western Europeans. I think this is due to their Catholic faith and limited adoption of the pop cultural values that we in the West enjoy.

If Polish women, or any other Eastern European women for that matter, appear to be "trashy" by the way the dress and behave or are easily seduced into the underground world of sex and sex culture, it has to do with various social factors that are coming into play. Many people outside of the U.S. and Western Europe think that we value "sexiness" far above anything else in our women. It is wrongfully assumed that American, German or Italian women are easy or have no issues with one-night stands, etc. It is also wrongfully assumed, thanks to our stupid Hollywood movies, that our young people are party animals, like beer over books, consume pornography and fast food, and that women love to show their breasts and thongs, guys are into bodybuilding and weed, and girls love to wear mini skirts and hot pants. Thus, when Polish women leave their home country these are the values that they think is the norm in their new homeland. In other words, they have a poor understanding of what "cool", "sexy" or "trendy" is; it is all part of the acculturation process. This confusion increases when they themselves are from rural or small cities or villages, come from the bottom of the economic ladder back home, and have a poor formal education.

Another is issue is that they have different cultural values. A 15- or 16-year-old in the U.S., Europe or Japan likes to wear ripped jeans with t-shirts, sport a shaggy haircut, and use snickers or tennis shoes as part of the casual attire. This look is not well-looked upon in Poland. It is considered sloppy and unattractive. Slacks, skirts and shirts are the norm, with young people wearing the more tighter or shorter fit. Thus, a 16-year-old girl wears short skirts, boots or shoes, blouse and jacket even if those items were from last year, the colors are horrendous, or are just old from repeated use.

Poverty is another issue. A person with limited means cannot afford better clothes or be in tuned with the latest trends in fashion. A poor woman is easily seduced by the prospects of making a lot of money in the sex industry or having a rich old boyfriend, especially if they are Poles or Eastern European--they are White/Caucasian, many of them are blonde with light color eyes, and this aura of being seductresses or femme fatale have embraced them. There are some that do exploit their "assets" (blonde, Polish, sexy, etc) like in any other ethnic group but they are few and far between.

I hope that I have cast some light to some of the issues as to why you see them the way you do. And by the way, I don't have a single drop of Polish blood in my veins nor am I connected via marriage or partner with someone from Poland or Eastern Europe, in case you're curious.

What shoes to wear in warm weather?
Q. It's starting to get warm here and I'm sick of wearing tennis shoes. I'm a 15 year old dude. Idk what to wear... Flip Flops, Boat Shoes, what else? I have women's target moccasins that I got for a Christmas gift and even tho they were women's and I looked like I was gay they were super comfy so I wore them like everyday in the winter to school and everything but they would look dumb with shorts

A. Flip flops are currently trendy. Flip flops have an association with "surfer dudes." Girls like guys in flip flops, because of that "surfer dude" look. You know, "surfer dudes" have a carefree personality, and girls are attracted to that.

If you want a more sophisticated look, you can wear boat shoes, without socks.

Other than that, you can go barefeet.

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