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Where to find dressy but trendy clothes?

Q. I'm a seventeen year-old girl. I need to find a white button up shirt, black pants (or a knee length skirt) and black shoes (heels or flats.) But I want them to be stylish. Where can I buy clothes like that without look like a middle aged woman? Thanks in advance!

A. Well I assume you're in the US, and I don't know if you have these stores there... but here in the UK, Next and Burton do quite nice clothes.

Could you make me an outfit please? (from River Island) I live in the UK?
Q. Im wanting a new style and I would like help from people on here, because whenever I try and make an outfit it seems to just not match or look boring.

So, this is the site:

Just find top,jeans,shoes,scarf,and accsessories and maybe a jacket and just put the links in order of top to bottom.

The style Im looking for is casual trendy, a bit indie and not too girly (I prefer jeans and flat shoes)

I know Its alot to ask, but it would be a big favour if you guys could pick out a few outfits for me and whoever makes the best outfit they will deffo get best answer!

So thanks in advance

A. top -
bottom -
shoes -
necklace -
bracelet -
earrings -

hope you like it! :)

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