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Guy shoes for going out, but not too dressy?

Q. I have really old shoes that are embarrassing to wear out and I need a new pair to replace them. I'm looking for something to wear "downtown" with nice clothes, but not looking for dress shoes. Something sort of trendy I guess? I have no clue where to even start. Anyone have any advice?

A. Guys shoes..
these are cool if ya ask me ;)

Vans -- Slip ons
Converse -- Chuck Taylors or even Skater shoes
Zoo York -- Skater shoes
Supra -- Skater shoes
DC -- Skater shoes
Pony -- sneakers
REPUB�1C -- sneakers

were can i buy cool trendy boys shoes size 6 and a half
Q. i really need some cool new shoes..im a boy and i need to open up my shoe collection a little bit please help me!!! i dont like the color black show me some web sites and everything

thank you

A. if your a guy
and your shoe size is only 6 and a half
then youmust have a small penis(:

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