Senin, 28 April 2014

I am starting an online women shoe store I want to know where can I find trendy woman shoes that are wholesale?

Q. I want to sell trendy woman shoes at affordable prices I want to find a wholesale shoe distributor that sells nice looking woman show\e in bulk at wholesale prices

A. Don't worry.. i have one solution.. i think you should be try it.
here you can find ladies shoes or women shoes collection which you want.
i am also using it.. they have awesome collection..

What are some trendy clothing stores for a rising freshman girl???
Q. I need clothes, and shoes, and eearings, so any stores will help, EXCEPT american Eagle Hollister stores of that sort.

A. oh gosh.. i have bunches.
(torrid is a plus size store.. but i use it cuz they have cute accessories and shoes)

have fun!

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