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is there way to look like ur rich and beautiful without expensive stuff?

Q. i wear hollister and abercrombie

A. dress classic. [rivate school uniforms are perfect examples of this look. use them as inspiration for your daily wardrobe. cardigans, plaid, polo shirts, jumpers, skirts, slacks and shorts. also, for the "old money" look, more vintage style classics will work, like a british style 3-button suit, anything "tweed", etc. fabrics should be strictly organic: wool, nubby, relaxed. no polyester, nothing "shiny". shoes should be leather, understated, and conservative. don't overdo it; try to go for a relaxed look, like you just got back from a week at the family home in kennebunkport. well fitting clothing in relaxed muted colors and maybe a touch of pastel is very old money.

have good hygiene. make sure you always brush your teeth and take a shower. wash your hair and keep it tidy but understated. clean your nails and get manicures at inexpensive nail salons. short tips are really pretty but avoid long nails with bright colors or nail jewels.

keep your face neat and your body well groomed. men should have precise haircuts, and well shaven facial hair. women should have a "tasteful" cut, color and shine in their hair. clear skin, free of acne and well moisturized especially in women of a certain age. hair color should look natural and highlights and lowlights must be natural as if obtained on a visit to the beach house.

slow down your speech, and lower your voice volume. Don't be loud or draw attention to yourself. learn to play golf, tennis and sail, or to ride (horses), even to play polo (if you have the stomach for it). get familiar with english history. groom regularly, nails, body, face and hair. keep clothing neat in appearance (tuck in shirts, wear comfortable fitting not very loose clothing). you must think before you talk, because, as small as this may seem, some people blurt out things that make them seem as if they didn't, and it can hurt you and others.

change the forecast. for women, strapped sandals in winter are alright. for men, sweaters and khaki shorts with casual loafers are okay as long as it's not snowing. the old money crowd does love to layer, so sweaters, overcoats, and similar garb is handy for cooler conditions.

a wealthy woman's makeup is natural with neutral colors, except for red lipstick, the only color in her makeup. her nail polish is a pale white, pink or beige. perfect skin is a rich woman must. never overtan; natural skin color looks much better. no sunspots, so keep on sporting sunscreen, though everyone looks better with a healthy glow.

smell like money. men and women should wear a small amount of an expensive scent. (men- on inner wrist and underneath the jaw line, women- on inner wrist inner elbows and underneath jaw line or behind ears). do not put too much on!

never look at the tag while "shopping" in expensive stores. train yourself not to react to extremely high prices by educating yourself on the ridiculous pricing for designer goods. if you react and make a scene, the other shoppers in the store will think that they are better than/ above you.

watch TV or movies about those with a lot of money. read forbes, barron's, the wall street journal, the new yorker, and the economist.

don't try too hard; subtlety is key. looking like a newly rich person is never a good thing to those who have always had money.

an authentic designer bag or wallet is nice, but go for something a bit bland or obsolete. something that is the "latest fashion" is by definition a trend, which is anathema to the old money crowd. it must be well made and leather even if not designer, go for simplistic designs, such as the LL bean boat & tote or a classic black quilted chanel. nothing avante garde, and nothing that looks like the balenciaga lariat, or the chloe paddington. however, if you're impressing the nouveau riche, "trendy" is pretty much mandatory.

have at least one pair of really decent well made shoes. for men, some very conservative and understated oxfords or loafers. for women, a conservative pump, like the classic chanel pump would be a good choice.

one of the most important things is to try and act normal. people who are not rich, wish they were. people who are rich don't want anyone to know. wear things that are good quality, but do not advertise. if someone is truly wealthy, they will be able to tell. do not act as though you are above normal activities. act rich, walk and speak properly, but when you talk about the subject of yourself or your life, speak about yourself as though you are a normal person.

and remember...
-flashy does not mean wealth, only poor taste.
-speak properly; always mind your grammar.
-use excellent posture, whether you are sitting or standing.
-know your etiquette. read books on the proper use.

hope this helps

I want to look preppy, cute, and sophisticated!?
Q. I'm 13. Stores I should shop at, outfit ideas? Money is not an issue. Thanks!
I want to look preppy, cute, sophisticated, classy, yet relaxed. :)

A. Personally, I think the best style type is preppy because it is classic and never goes out of style. Here are some basic steps:

1. The attitude: Always present yourself in a nice and welcoming manner. Be polite and courteous with girls, boys, and teachers. Never be snobby and don't try too hard.
2. The clothes: Wear clean cut, classic clothes, but they do not have to be trendy. Places like Abercrombie and Hollister are not preppy. Try J.Crew, Lacoste, etc. Wear skirts, khaki, polos, bermuda shorts and bright colors. The Jackie Cardigan is also a good, classic choice.
3. Accessories: Always wear accessories, but not too many. Try pearl jewelry such as pearl studs. Also wear ribbon belts in different colors.
4. Shoes: Clean white tennis shoes are cute, or leather or suede ballet flats. No sneakers or Uggs.
5. Hair: Make sure your hair is always well cleaned and conditioned. Don't do the same thing every day, mix it up! Try ribbons in a ponytail, headbands, and pigtails.
6. Always keep clean: Brush your hair, take care of your teeth, and smell nice.
7. Get good grades: don't be a show off or a nerd, but be smart and informed. Read classic literature, watch international sports and watch the news.
8. Get involved in a preppy sport: Try cross country or track and field (the BEST sports!). Or try lacrosse, rowing, golf, horseback riding, anything that isn't too contact sportish.
9. Most importantly.... HAVE CONFIDENCE!!! Focus on your inner beauty and never let anybody tell you who you should be.
Some helpful links:


http://shop.nordstrom.com/S/3021152/0~2378467~2378483~6021662~6023023?mediumthumbnail=Y&origin=category&searchtype=&pbo=6023023&P=2 (Luv this sweater I own it in navy blue!)




I hope this helped!

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