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Q. http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/Topshop-Love-NYC-sleeveless-top-UK-10-/160515132008?pt=Women_s_Clothing&hash=item255f728a68

Skinny jeans? white converse? grey cardi? black military boots? help me!

A. For a casual look, you could wear any color skinny jeans with it (except your standard blue jeans or white)-black, red, bright blue...
Also a bright colored cardigan would look good with it (http://s7v1.scene7.com/is/image/JohnLewis/000030108?$product$) kind of like the one where i just posted the link. It gives you more of a fun, trendy look.
I think colored clothes would look best with it because the top is already black and white, so any greys, whites or blacks will make you look dreary and boring and tired. The colors however will pop out nicely.
As for shoes, I think converse would look like best with it.

Starting clothing business.?
Q. hello everyone, please i would love to know places in the UK and America were I can get trendy cloths and shoes for young people and adult at wholesale prices?
and what are the pros and cons of starting a business like this?

A. .. Ok..
Depends on your location first.. (High traffic location is a must for clothing business)..
what will be your specialty ?? adult / females/ males/ or everything ??.. it will cost you alot much if you get everything at once as a start.. and you would not have the nice variety for each devision you want ..
If you are looking to sell Adult and young people, clothes and Shoes.... you are looking for $70,000.00 at least to make a decent start, and decent startup push profit.. or customers base..

If you look for specialty first , as women clothes, or men, or kids, it would be better to concentrate and make good name for your start, with less money damage if it turns out to be something else. plus the rest of the other $75,000 you would save for back-up plan, advertisment, etc....

there is many places.. yet the quality, and the shipping prices will make the difference..

what you will need to think before start :-
1- Location, Location, Location.............. high traffic with $5,000.00 better than away location with $1,000.00 rent, etc...
2- what will be your basic main customers ?? Young adults?? teens ?? working women ?? etc.....
3- You look for everything to have at once is very bad for your budget, (Except if you have at least $150,000.00 ) yes i'm serious..
You can start small (Not actually small) with $30,000 and you specified only with women trendy clothes you will have a decent collection which can cover a store of (3000 feet / 1000 Meters)..

Yet there is plenty of other factors as well.. and there is seasonal items and clothes, etc......

Need any help, will be more than glad.. Actually we have now pallets of (100pcs- 500pcs each) at a decent prices, as we are wholesalers and stores.. and we need to rennovate our stock each campaign (2months)..

so contact me if you are interested and will send you some photo's and site access,,.. or if you only have additional questions..
Good luck, and have a great day ..

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