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Pics of feminine shoes?

Q. Hi girls, I'm a feminine boy... I love feminine shoes and particularly I love unisex and androgynous that can be mistaken for girly shoes... Could you suggest me something? Post pics please <3

A. Hey There!

I thik Docs are a very unisex shoe that can compliment any trendy/edgy/punk look. They come in a 1000 different colors/designs

I think loafers are another unisex/androgynous shoe as the design/print usually can work for both sexes but can also be a twist for the opposite sex in the case of coloring/design that maybe usually attributed to one gender


Oxfords are another type of shoe similar to the loafer that have become more popular for their unisex appeal


Stylish but not Trendy Casual Shoes for Men?
Q. I am a man looking for a different type of shoe. I have a pair of Jordan High tops and White Nike Low tops for casual wear. I hate when people jump on the bandwagon for fashion and getting something just because everyone else has it. For example, in my high school, Vans Authentic shoes and Sperry boating shoes (Boys & Girls) are very popular. I really like the Vans, but everybody has them and I refuse to buy them.

It would be nice if people could leave some suggestions on some shoes that are stylish and attractive (FOR MEN) but not really trendy. I'm sure that it will be mostly women that answer this question, so this is the question for the women. What do you think looks attractive on men?

Also, I am in high school. I'm an upperclassmen. Thanks! :)

A. Confidence looks attractive.

As far as footwear: loafers, oxfords/brogues, sneakers, tennis/running shoes, sandals, boots, boat shoes (Sperry's are a classic, not a trend. My grandfather has lived in them [and moccasins] for as long as I have been alive), moccasins, etc.

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