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Which color Uggs should i get?

Q. I'm getting Uggs for Christmas. I'm getting the Classis Tall ones. I can't pick if i want the Sand color or the Chesnut. I want the sand ones more because not a lot of people at my school/town have that color. Almost everyone has the Chesnut ones, and i wanted to be different. But i think the Chesnut ones are so CUTE! I'm just so confused. Which ones do you think are cuter? Please help... http://www.uggaustralia.com/womens-classic-tall-sheepskin-boots/5815,default,pd.html?dwvar_5815_color=NAVY&start=2&cgid=women-boots-classic#pr-header-5815 Thats them.

A. You should really read this article before you get those.


What can I/should I wear? Please help!?
Q. I've been trying so hard to get my first job. I'm 18 and really want a job. Especially soon so I can buy Christmas gifts for my family and boyfriend. I check on Safeway everyday and they're finally hiring as a courtesy clerk.

I applied several months ago and was told by an employee that if I go in person and talk with the manager I have a better chance of getting hired since they get so many applications. I REALLY want this job.

But I have nothing 'interview like' to wear. I just have jeans. I have some nice tops, and a pair of white flats, but they have silver spikes on them.... I have a really dark pair of denim skinny jeans, light denim skinnies, dark denim boot cut jeans, etc.

I don't have money right now to go and buy an interview like outfit, and neither do my parents. My grandma would probably take me but I don't want to ask her to come down(they live 2 hours away) and they just came down on Sunday.

What should I wear? Or should I ask my grandma if she would be able to take me to get an outfit?

A. The employees are right.. it IS best to speak to the manager, in person. It's also mandatory to follow-up re: your continued interest every single week with the manager, after applying. Several months since you applied..?! That's w-a-a-y too long to wait. It's necessary for you to phone and/ or go in personally and reiterate your interest. They likely wouldn't even keep the applications after a few months.

Some places are disorganised and unless an applicant really pesters them, they won't remember anyone who applied. Go in, in person, and look clean and pulled-together. Never go shopping at that store when you look a mess (not that you would. just saying).
Try for this:

Re-apply. Ask for another application. Re-introduce yourself. Stand tall/ straight shoulders. Look the manager directly in the eye. Be personable. Shake the manager's hand. Tell him/ her you're available to be "on-call", and would be willing to work in any department/ any position in the store. Ask about being a bagger as well. Tell them you love to help people. Tell them you catch-on quickly and love that Safeway. Smile.

Take the application home with you vs. filling it out at the store. That gives you time to write very clearly and legibly, and also gives you the opportunity to come back and hand it to the manager, directly. Ask if there are any other positions available and let them know that you're willing and able to work hard and take any position. Let them know you're available "on-call". If they train you, you'll be able to fill in if a permanent employee calls in sick, etc. It's a great way to get ones foot in the door. Being"on-call" means they'll phone at a moment's notice to have you run in and take the shift if an employee can't make it. They'll see how eager and readily available you are.. and make you a permanent staff member.

Also note that there are several managers at a grocery store (1 for each shift), as well as an operations manager. The best thing to do when applying for a job/ meeting with a potential boss, is to dress and look as if you already have the job. If the manager feels that you (anyone) looks like they 'belong', or already works there, as if the person would fit-in seamlessly.. he/ she will be more likely to bring the person on.

You want to aim for clean-cut, freshly-scrubbed, pressed and clean clothing. A simple, cotton, button-down, collared shirt (freshly pressed) with simple, flat-front khakis (not the trendy, skinny version).. the loose-fit/ slim-fit is best. A solid neutral cardigan or blazer would be nice, too. Work-friendly dark shoes are best. White flats with studs won't work.. not for this. Skinny jeans or skinny anything won't work.. too trendy.

This is what you want to aim for re: clothing for work at the store, as well as what to wear for any/ all interviews or dropping off the application, etc.

Cotton, long-sleeved or short sleeved, plain, solid colours and must be freshly-pressed. Dark blue, black, navy, olive or tan coloured, work trousers. A simple, non-bling-y belt. Hair neatly pulled-back and clean. Minimal make-up. No jewellery (except for a watch).

Work shoes:
(industrial-type work shoes that are practical for people who're on their feet for many hours)

Women's uniform work trousers:

Women's uniform work shirt:

..or a solid polo-style shirt (pressed):

Women's work shoes:

Yes.. I know.. not cute ^. But it isn't supposed to be cute. You need to look like a customer service representative and that's what they wear. Any JC Penney's, Sears, Walmart, Kmart, Target, uniform supply store, Dickies store, Ross, TJ Maxx, Mervyns, Marshall's.. any thrift store will have the trousers, shirts and shoes you need. I strongly suggest a local thrift store. They all have heaps of cotton, button-down shirts, simple work trousers and work shoes. A solid cardigan over the top (or a simple navy blazer) would be nice.

Review your application and make sure you have references. I know it's your first job but you need to have a neighbour, a family friend, former teacher to vouch for you. List them as a personal reference, so the manager may phone and ask about you. If you've ever babysat for anyone.. they could be a reference, too.

Good luck.

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