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Victorias secret models are gorgeous?! :(?

Q. I really want to look like a victorias secret model! are they naturally born like that? do they do hardcore exercises or dieting? is it possible for me to look like one by exercising without machines to exercise with? pleeeease answer, I want to look like those girls! :(( I dont want to get abs, or arm muscle, i just want to be skinny like them with hips! is that too much to ask for though? :/

A. I'm not going to be a troll and I'm just gonna answer your question.... I have no idea what your body looks like, but if you really want to look like a model you have to take very good care of yourself. First things first, diet. If you want to lose weight, change your lifestyle and cut out carbs. Read this book about nutrition called why we get fat and what to do about it, by Gary taubes. Or go on marks daily apple .com. They will change your life and of you adopt those principles, you will be thinner, happier and many steps closer to your goal of looking like a gorgeous Vic secret model.

So nutrition is down, next is exercise. If you want to be beautifully toned and glowing and sexy, you have to work out. Working out Is hard. But there's no such thing as something for nothing. Work hard now, and look sexy and gorgeous tomorrow. Forget what you knew about female work outs. Those stupid pink tiny dumbells, and hours wasted on cardio machines don't work. If you want RESULTS and want them FAST. Then incorporate heavy lifting. This won't make you bulk up, I promise. Females only bulk up when they take hormones. Also include 2 high intensity work outs per week. Check out body If THEY don't motivate you, NOTHING can. Especially since the women there have the body you seek. calisthenics (google if you don't know what it is) is good for weight training if you don't have access to a gym.

Next is the hourglass figure. Some are born with it, others aren't. If you weren't, you can accept your body as it is, knowing that you are slim and sexy and healthy for your body type. Not everyone was born to be tall and slender. If however you need that hourglass figure you weren't born with, you could research corset training.

Next, grooming. Looking like a model isn't only about what your physical body looks like. Grow out your hair and go to a stylist and get a blowout or something glamorous. Take care of your nails, get regular manicures and pedicures. Take care of your skin! Very important. Can't have acne if you want to look like a model. Next, master the art of applying makeup to yourself, to accentuate your very best features, and hide the ones that are not exactly 'photoshoot ready' lol I highly reccommend going to a professional and find out how exactly to achieve the best look for you, and what products work with your unique skin tone.

Next, is dress... You don't have to break the bank on hi end clothes, but the biggest thing is to buy quality garments for every day wear, like your staples. I mean natural fibers, or good blends. Clothing that is sewn properly etc. and make sure they fit you! Get your clothing altered to fit YOUR body. You can spend a little less on the trendier items, but still ensure that they fit you. Invest in a high quality leather hand bag. And don't skimp on your shoes. You will need to wear heels, and inexpensive heels hurt your feet and don't last long and just generally suck. If you can afford it, there are some online stores that make somewhat custom shoes, google search them. They may not be bespoke as in perfectly molded to your foot, but they are way better than nothing at all. Bunions and corns are NOT cute.
Next are accessories, a cute watch, nice sunglasses always make people look a bit more glamorous whether in their hair, or over the eyes. Nice but not gaudy jewelry. Belts etc can really pull together an outfit. Remember to stay true to your own style. Which bring me to my next point.

Your attitude and demeanor. Walk tall, be confident, and if your not confident after all of that then you need to do some soul searching lol. But this should be the easiest part. Let your personality shine through. Don't be mean or bitchy now that you look gorgeous. Be nice and people will love you even more. Be classy. Train your mind as much as you trained your body. Read a lot and make yourself witty and intelligent. Develop other interests besides fashion and your looks. You've got it all now, you don't need to obsess about it... Study art, learn the guitar, read some literature, do photography, idk embrace your passion and live your life to the fullest.

Don't let people get you down. You have only one life to live. There's nothing wrong with setting a standard and working towards that. Your standard is Victoria secret model, then to for it! Most people don't have the courage to seek improvement and go for way they want.

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