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I want to look like a girl...i am a boy.?

Q. I'm not going to make up some story like I'm being forced because I lost a bet or anything, I'm not gay, I am 20, want to dress up like a girl sometimes, I think it'd be fun. I'd like help picking out clothes and any other tips you have. I don't want to do much even semi-permanent (so shaving my legs is probably out). I'm willing to put a bit of money into this, anyway. I want to do all my shopping online from stores that guys might purchase stuff from. I'm 5.5 foot, size 8 shoes if that helps. I'd like to try out several outfits: something super sexy, something elegant, some trendy looks, and some look that will make me look like an attractive girl and not a boy in a dress. Like I said I'm willing to go all out, so clothes, shoes, all the under garments, etc. Please provide links to all the parts for the outfit if possible, otherwise the essentials. Any tips for looking more feminine are appreciated too. Thanks

A. Try looking for skater skirts or skater dresses, they are beyond cute! & since you don't want to shave, you can always wear tights/leggings under :) you can easily find online stores for them when you search it on google! The outfit would look pretty w/ flat boots & maybe a jean jacket, cardigan, or just a regular jacket. I'll add a few pictures to get you an idea. I hope i helped you out :)!

Skater dress

Skater skirt

Some flat leather boots

P.s since it is getting cold, a scarf would be cute too (:

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