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Spring break is almost over... what should I wear when I go back to school?

Q. I want to change my winter fashion abit to match the spring fashion... keep in mind that I'm a 15 year old teen boy who doesn't want to look older than someone who's in his age group because he doesn't want people to think of him as an adult (I don't know if that made sense). I don't want to buy the adult clothing worn by models until I'm like 17-18 years old. I'm like 1/4 metrosexual(the only thing that really makes me more metro than other guys at high school is that I like to wear light, really thin scarves). I also like to match my clothes based on colors. So...um...have any ideas?

Btw I go back to school on the 3rd
Btw I don't want to look like a fruit cup(no offense if I offended anybody)

A. Spring is coming so you need a new wardrobe no more bulky clothes for cold weather. Check your coat at the door and show off your T-shirt! Anything goes from cool graphics to athletic brand tees, you'll be the trendiest kid on the block once you throw on a great T-shirt. Head to the mall and track one down now, as well as a plaid shirt. Plaid isn't just for geeks anymore cuz they're springing up on everything from shirts to shorts! If you're not mad about plaid, then stick to a plaid hat or belt. And get yourself some cool kicks like old-school Vans or Chucks. These shoes look great with your jeans and come in a ton of colors and materials. Basically since its spring you just have to think light! Lighter tones instead dark greens an blues and reds, try the lighter springier (if that's a word) baby blues, periwinkles, and even pink! (It takes a real man to wear pink) you have three day to get it together (haha the third is my birthday) good luck, and may the odds be ever in your favor!

help with my makeover?
Q. so recently ive been wanting to compelety change. im 16 and ive basically had then same style since i was 11. i love looking at old hollywood stars before ans after they were famous because there is such a huge difference. i relized that i have a body that was more praised in the 50s than now meaning a small waist with a bigger bust. i also like the sixies stye as well, like the hair and makeup. is there any ideas or tips on how to have a style with a mix of the fiftes and sixites modernize. sny tips with makeup, hair, and clothes would be wonderful

A. Hi! If you like a more vintage look, you can take some obvious components of vintage fashion and incorporate it into your regular style. I looked at some photos of vintage makeup and I noticed makeup in the 50 & 60's really focus on highlighting features. (making the eyes look big, and perfecting the lips and skin) Here's some tips/ideas to get a vintagey look ;)
-For the eyes, try using eyeliner (liquid or gel is probably better to get that clean look) and line your eyes close to the lashline and flick it up just a little to make a tiny wing. Take a slightly shimmery highlighting color and apply a little in the inner corner, browbone, and ball of your eyes to make them look defined. If you want, use a matte brown or nude color in your crease to sculpt the eyes even more. This is really popular in old and new makeup if you look at photos. Also, you can use accent lashes on the outer edge of your lashes to make them appear larger, and doe-like. Marilyn Monroe and many old hollywood stars sported this look!
-On your face, try using a highlighter on your cheekbones, center of your forehead, and the bridge of your nose to make your face look defined and glowing. You can follow up with a matte bronzer and buff it into the hollows of your cheeks to further sculpt your face.
-And for lips, you see alot of the time they have that really classic red lip...but for your age it probably isn't the best. Stick with a lip color close to your own lip tone or a nice baby pink/nude color.
-I see that for the most part, pin curls and sculpted short curls where really popular. But those aren't too wearable for everyday. I also see that bouffants where pretty popular too and those you can easily do yourself. Just take a section of hair in the front (from one eyebrow arch to the other) and twist it once and push it forward a bit to creater volume. Pin this down and you get a really cute pouf. You can do this in the center, or to a side. If you want to rock the pin curls of that era just curl a section of hair around two fingers hold together while you heat it with a flat iron or do it when your hair is damp, pin it down and let it air dry.
-OMG! When you say your body isn't praised nowadays you are SO wrong!! O: I would DIE to have a body like you! (plenty of other girls agree too!) Full skirts were really popular back then and so where round collars. Try a top with a peter pan collar! These have been so trendy the past couple of years, but to make it more modern and flirty try a chiffon fabric. (Sheer) Try tucking them into skinny jeans and use a cute skinny belt to finish off the look. Maybe try a high-lo skirt because the pleating in alot of them remind of old style pleated skirts. There are alot of vintagey flowy/pleated skirts out in stores nowadays just keep them above the knee. Try Forever21 if you've never shopped there before because they have really cute clothes! Oxfords add a really cute school-boy vintagey touch to any outfit and they are really in right now!

Well that pretty much sums up my thoughts. LOL sorry it was SOOO long ): I just think it's cool to had a retro twist to your personal style because I see so many girls at school wearing like the exact same things as eachother! You're also in luck because vintagey old-school touches are really popular nowadays with shoes, collared tops, pleated skirts, etc. Good luck with your makeover! Hope I inspired you :P

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