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Where can I CHEAPLY buy stylish/trendy shoes online?

Q. I want a cute pair of brown combat boots, some new heals, and a few new shoes for summer, but I really don't want to spend a lot of money! Anyone know where I can get good deals online? Like, 40 bucks or under for a pair?

A. Surprisingly, is $39.99 for any shoes, including boots. But I like to shop at forever21. Usually around $20-30. Oh! And for heels and such I LOVE Charlotte Russe. If you sign up for their text alerts they let you know about killer deals, too! I just bought 4 pairs of boots for $40!!!!!!

What kind of shoes are popular for women and teegnage girls in Sweden?
Q. What is popular in the winter and in the summer?

A. Here is a link to a shoe store in Sweden, even if you can't read Swedish it's easy enough to browse the tabs.

And you can look at what people in Sweden are wearing here:

The styles change every season. People tend to be casual during the day and dress up if they're going out at night. Sneakers are very common in summer (Converse, Adidas, Puma, all the usuals) as well as ballerina slippers and sandals (last year it was the strappy gladiator type). Waterproof boots are sort of a necessity in winter, you'll see very trendy ones in major cities but in rural areas they're often practical rubber ones like wellies. Right now a lot of girls are wearing ankle boots and wedges, some of them open toe. I've also seen a lot of loafers lately.

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