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what are the trendy shoe styles this year?

Q. I'm starting a business selling shoes but I need to know which are the most trendy styles for women this year. I don't want to buy a bunch of shoes that will not sell. I know that really high heels are not so in, but what about wedges or slip-ons? Please let me know your suggestions,


A. Well for teens, like myself you should try these:

* Flats - everyone loves them even adults.

* Converse or Vans. They are very in.

* my personal favorite shoes are harajuki, it's hard to spell. But they are proably the most expensive sneakers out there. The style of them is japanese harajuki obviously and they have a lot of high top and bright colors.

But the MUST haves are pretty much flats and vans. Guys also wear vans.

who are the best men's leather shoe designers?
Q. im looking to buy some nice leather shoes but cant find any good ones, who are some really good manufacturers or designers of leather shoes, not dress shoes but hip casual ones you can wear with jeans, i know cole haan is good but who else is out there???

A. Yes cole haan is gr8 guys shoes! I always see them at like marshalls or t.j. max for pretty good prices. Gucci makes unbelievable mens shoes. My bf's had the same pair for 2 years and are better then ever. Aldo's has really nice/trendy mens shoes.

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