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What are the most comfortable (can't be sneakers or white though) shoes to wear for everyday? See details....

Q. I work full-time in an insurance office and dress professionally, but no suits. Pants/skirts with sweaters or nice tops. I have arthritis in most of my joints including my knees & feet and have had 4 knee surgeries. The last one was a total knee replacement. I also have no arches left in my feet. I'm trying to keep working because I'm in my 40's & don't want to be out disabled at my age. However, I'm up and down a lot during the day and my feet hurt all the time. Can you please recommend some brands of shoes you've had success with? Most of my clothes would match black/brown/navy or I'd ask nurses who are on their feet all day but I think they mostly wear white shoes with their uniforms. Thanks so much and Happy Holidays.

A. There's a brand called Aerosoles ( that is known for making really comfortable, yet stylish, shoes.

Also, flats are really trendy at the moment so I'm sure you'll have luck finding a nice pair of those for comfortable everyday wear.

When my contacts say that they "do the white stuff" does that mean they all huff Reddi-Wip?
Q. Because, I don't approve.

A. No...

The "White Stuff" is a new trendy group Disco Dance that involves everybody dancing in synchronicity, and wearing white nurse's shoes...

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