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problem with my big stupid feet?

Q. I am a size 12 in women's shoes and there are no cute shoes anywhere! I can't fit into all the cute shoes the other girls my age wear. I'm so frustrated. I have tried zappos and nothing. I am so sick and tired of having no cute shoes. I don't have any heals because the only ones available in my size in shoe stores are ugly. can someone help me? Is there a foot size reduction surgery or something?

A. I have size 12 shoes. This is what I do. Never shop in malls because it is frustrating and will really feel awful. I only shop online and there are so many beautiful and trendy shoes for size 12. One of the best places I have found is Tall Clothing Mall as they show us the trends for larger size shoes.

Budget Running Shoes?
Q. Hey everyone, I recently started a walking/jogging routine and plan on doing running in the near future once my legs get used to exercising (I've led a relatively sedentary life until now). I was wondering if anyone could suggest a pair of moderately inexpensive running shoes.

My biggest problem seems to be aching feet, as my current shoes are 2 year old Walmart shoes (I paid 10 bucks for them lol). A shoe with an above-average amount of cushion would be preferable.

In case this information is helpful, I'm kind of a big guy, 6'0" and 220 lbs.

Thanks a lot everyone!

Oh yeah, my price range is probably about 50-85 dollars.

A. There is no such thing as a "budget" running shoe, fact is that if you want a decent pair of running shoes your going to pay between 80-100 dollars and buy new pairs every 300-500 miles unless you want to have injuries, which can cost you a lot more then 80-100 dollars, the best thing you can do is get is "value" being the best shoe you can get for you feet at the lowest price. Some people are the "trendy"types of runners that buy the most expensive shoes possible and completely ignore if the shoes actually are right for there feet, then there are the experienced runners that go to a running specialty store and talk to a trained salesman that most of the time is a fellow runner, and they ask them questions like if they are over-pronaters, pronaters, or under-pronaters, if they have high, low or normal arches, what distances the run on a weekly basis, and some times what weight range they are in. They help determine what shoe is right for you, and then you can find the best value out of the many shoes that they show you.

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