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What sneakers/casual shoes are trendy right now for young women?

Q. Hi, I'm 20 and I'm looking for some sneakers or casual shoes that are somewhat like sneakers. I plan on wearing them a lot during the fall season. I want to a buy a few pairs. So my question is, what brand or style is hot right now for fall 2007? I know boots and other classy style are in but I'm looking for somewhat comfortable casual sneakers. I hope sneakers is the right word for my question. My definition of a sneaker in this case is a shoe that resembles workout/sports attire but can be worn outside the gym. If any girls out there have some advice, please feel free to comment. :)

A. From my point of view,adidas superstar are ageless...like they are cool every year,every season....
Sth like this,a merge between ballet and sports shoes are really nice and casual http://www.shoes.com/product.asp?p=5031266&variant_id=EC1020958 you could try finding some a bit more colourful

What are the top 5 trendiest, most popular shoes for young women at the moment? Both brands and styles please.
Q. And pics if you have any. Thanks!

A. Pointed toe stilettos are making a comeback, from the rounded toes of seasons before. Also, pointed heels. Platforms are still trendy, but not platform wedge. Gladiator anything is getting big. Ballet flats are always trendy.

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