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where website owners get their merchandise to sell for profit? Like women's designer shoes and handbags?

Q. I'm trying to start an online business selling trendy handbags and stylish women shoes. I can't seem to find a good listing of wholesalers who may dropship or even offer their merchandise at wholesale prices where I am able to purchase the products. Every time I do a search The same old web-pages appear! I've tried every wording in the book and still come up with the same web-pages. Can anyone help me with this?

A. We(http://www.clothesb2b.com) main offer all kinds of Nike/Jordan/Adidas brand

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Need opinions: Which shoes should I buy? I cant decide?
Q. Okay so my friends going to america for a holiday soon and she's offering to buy things for her friends. I'm really not sure what to get!! Either these nike free runs, (i'm not sure what colour i want but this is just an example) that everyone has and i can wear to school for sport and look "trendy":


Or these converse that i have wanted for ages and i am in love with and i can wear dressy or casual:


Does it really matter what shoes you wear to school? Most people wear normal joggers like me but i would really like to own a pair of nikes, but on the other hand i so want these converse they would go with any outfit uhh i need lots of opinions and pros and cons so please help me out!
Thanks a lot xx

A. Guy opinion: Cons are always stylin': colors come and go, but there's no new or old style - they're Cons. And the the more wornout they get, kewler they look !

Really, for sports you want the support of specific-activity walkers, joggers,runners, trainers, etc. But for all-day wear, Cons are more comfie & breath better.

Big thing for girls here are the knee-high ones: seem edgie with jeans or somehow dressy too.

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