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What are some things every teenager should have in her wardrobe?

Q. What are some things that you must have for fall in your wardrobe? Since YahooAnswers is global, I want everyone to please answer! I'm going shopping really soon, so I want to update my wardrobe. What do you think are the "bare necessities" to any teenager's wardrobe? Please answer! Thank you so much in advance!

A. Hmm for my personal must-haves for fall...
Tailored dresses
More high-waisted pencil skirts
A vintage scarf
Polo shirts
Good non-leather high heels (I wear no leather)

As for what I think the bare necessities are...
Shoes: Flip-flops are good to have around for almost everything! Keep a few pairs of dress shoes, including one good pair of heels. Do NOT wear Crocs, they are hideous. Uggs, they're okay if you are in a cold environment. Please only wear trainers (athletic shoes) if you are actually working out.
Skirts: Do not go too short. Yes, you are young. But I know from experience the worst thing is having to pull them down constantly, as I am a bit curvier (not plus-sized). Your best bet would be to go for not a micro-mini, but something that falls to mid-thigh or knee length.
Shirts: Tank tops are a must, as they can be worn on their own for a good part of the year and then underneath sweaters or other tops for the cooler portions of the year. If you get t-shirts for clubs or something at school and they're men's sizes, GET A SMALL. It is more flattering to the frame. Polo shirts are nice, because they look nicer automatically, and a nice one can be worn to interview for a job. Also get some blouses, most stores that have sections for Junior's will have dressier shirts. Get several, because you never know when you'll have a formal presentation for school or some event. Some of them are just fun to wear for no reason at all!
Outerwear: Invest in a good coat. You can't go wrong with a peacoat, a blazer-style coat, or a fitted trench. I have the coat I got before my 7th grade year and I still wear it in the winter because it never goes out of style. It is okay to get trendy items for the rest of your wardrobe, but please invest in a nice jacket. The right one can last for many years! If you don't feel like a nice coat though, get a good hoodie. VS Pink has some really good ones, as well as Hollister.
Pants/Such: Make sure to have a couple pairs of dress slacks, at least one in black. They can go with the blouses, they don't run terribly much as far as cost goes, and they can dress a simple tank top up nicely. If they are tight in an area but work fine elsewhere in another size, go up a size and ask your parents if you can get them tailored. It will in turn create a more flattering fit (I have to get all my slacks tailored as I have very short legs). Also for jeans, please do invest in a good-quality pair. I love Lucky Brand, they do run very expensive, but their range of leg lengths is what I love. Something less expensive would be GAP. Shorts are nice too, but if you try them on and they just barely cover your butt, then do not get them. Make sure a little bit of the leg is covered in the back but you don't need to go the really long lengths just yet.

Those are just my $.02, mine is based on having a few pieces that are an investment (so they may cost more, but break down the cost-per-wearing ratio-say you buy a pair of jeans for $100, and you wear them twice a week for 2 years-it'll be a little less than 50 cents per wearing) as well as pieces that won't reveal everything. Do have fun with your wardrobe, do not wear anything that is inappropriate for your body type, and take the time to discover what your personal style is.

Good stores for teenagers in NYC?
Q. i'm looking for some good stores in NYC for teenagers like urban outfitters, american apparel, forever 21, ext. i want more high fashion stores and not Abercrombie, American eagle, and the common stores like that. Some stores in soho would be best.
also some shoe & Accessories stores??

A. Go to Soho on broadway st. It's a trendy place for young people to shop. You'll find Uniqlo ^^ there all the way to Bloomingdales to Top shop to American Apparel.

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