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Outfits for teachers?

Q. I am going to be a teacher but before I start I need to do in-class observations and I have no idea what kind of clothing to wear. I want it to be kind of trendy but I want to look professional and not trashy or anything like that...HELP!!

A. comfortable shoes that wont click when you walk down the hall. Washable clothes if you are working with elementary kids (crafts, dirty hands, etc.) Taylored slacks and blouses are cute, and have a jacket in case your room gets too cold. Avoid boots, low-cut clothes and tight pants. You will be watched carefully as a first year teacher. good luck!

What do you think of these shoes?
Q. Link Here:


A. They are nice. However from the side picture i cant tell how pointy they are! my teacher wears really pointy ones made of snake skin. Which are gross. They are a traditional black colour in a fashioble style? you know what this means? You are being trendy but not in a "look at me!!" way. (like my teacher) anyway purchase that in that or a silver/grey colour. But dont stray out of those. Or you will look ..dont know the word for it i guess "frivolous?" anyway, it is a good to push the fashion boundaries, and thats a great way to start.

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