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Does anyone know where to find women's shoes that go up to size 12?

Q. Hi!
I am 6'1 and have a really hard time finding flats or boots in my size that aren't too high heeled or terribly drab.

Does anyone know of some good sites or stores to find some trendy shoes in a size 12 (besides Zappos)?


A. You are going to love Tall Clothing Mall. They find trendy large shoes and put them in categories from all the top online shoes.

Where can i get a pair of denim bib overalls?
Q. I've been looking around for a decent pair for a while and havent had any luck. I'm a size 0-2.

A. Women's Fashion Overalls

Fashion overalls can be more than high-fashion.

Women's fashion overalls can be a little bit overwhelming for fashionable dressers. We sometimes wonder how we can pull off a look that's usually associated with farmers and laborers, but it takes a good eye to pick the right cut to match overalls with stylish heels and accessories. Don't push yourself to hunt out the most fashionable pair of overalls right off the bat, because a relaxed style can be dressed up gorgeously if you know what to do, and those might even replace your jeans if you buy the right pair. Why not test out women's fashion overalls and see why some women will never let them go again?

Why Overalls?

If you love a fashion challenge, overalls are a great pick. You can style them up in a variety of ways, pair them with a number of different top types underneath, and play around with hats, earrings, and shoes to make the look your own. What's even better is their hard-wearing appeal-they won't wear out, and you can wash them as many times as you need to without worrying about damage. Even better than that is their ability to be easily repaired, and their acceptability for many different age groups. Why not wear a pair of fashion overalls?

Buy Women's Fashion Overalls

This list of places to buy women's fashion overalls will help you pick pairs that flatter you best. Many of the stores listed carry certain styles of overalls, so after a few clicks, you'll find that you can identify a few stores that complement your personal style best. After you bookmark your favorites, consider whether or not you'd like to purchase classic or trendy pairs, and then shop away until you find your dream pair of fashionable overalls. Every daring woman should have a pair of overalls like these!

Lucky Brand carries edgy denim overalls in a few different cuts. You can find wide or baggy overalls if you like to wear something that allows your body to move more freely, or you can look for a pair of denim overalls in stretch, so you can wear them tighter to the body. To flatter most frames, purchase a pair of overalls in dark denim.

Shop at Ssense for overalls with a more modern silhouette. You can pull on hipster overalls that are similar to overall jumpsuits or rompers, and you'll be able to purchase ones with more stylized button plackets and pocket accents. Some of the overalls in the pull-on, button-on looks can be worn without a shirt underneath, and have a halter neck instead. If you plan to wear your overalls out at night, this could be the source for you.

Check out Yoox for more traditional style overalls from designer brands. You can get them in a medium wash and a semi-relaxed fit, which looks amazing with wedge heels, or you can also pick up those traditional shape overalls complete with rips and distressing for a "real" look.

Go to Shopbop for denim overalls with longer overall straps, similar to denim jeans with long suspender straps. While most flattering on women with smaller busts, you can experiment with these with the straps hanging down or taken off if you have a larger or fuller figure. Try these particular jean overalls with booties or strappy wedges for a dramatic effect, and don't forget those hoop earrings to complete the look!

Go to Free People for the ultimate in relaxed denim. If you crave comfort and you won't compromise, you'll love their moderately-priced, fashionable overalls in a variety of roomy cuts. Distressing is mandatory, so why not pair these with your favorite well-worn tee?

Shop at Frankie Morello for some of the most creative overalls and jumpsuits you'll see online. Not only can you find extremely fashionable styles, but you can grab them in a bunch of great new colors with a trend-conscious palette.

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