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What clothing items are essential for the summer?

Q. Also, describe your style if you can. (trendy, reserved, bohemian, earthy, relaxed, classic, edgy, sophisticated, etc.)
Thanks in advance! (:

A. My style! Well I like to play with all the styles I can but ill definitely go for the classy edgy yet sophisticated and trendy look! (-everyone loves is a unique look u just have to find/make your own!-)
Some essential items u should have ..
-denim shorts
-colored shorts (olive green, tan, white, black,coral)
-distressed denim and boyfriend crops
-dresses in great patterns such as floral, tribal patterns, solids (halter, strapless, spaghetti strap, etc)
-skirts (denim mini's, high waisted ones, etc)
-pocket tee's
-cardigans (of all lengths and colors as they are SO versatile.)
-basic tanks
-button down shirts, just roll up the sleeves and unbutton a few of the buttons and wear with a tank underneath (plaid, white, a light blue pin stripe, etc. . . )
-flip flops (brown leather ones, black, white, etc. )
-shoes (gladiators, wedges, nude colored shoes, etc. )
-fun accessories such as necklaces, bracelets, and scarves (bright colors such as turquoise, corals, etc. )
-belts (skinny belts in a variety of colors, a skinny leather braided belt, and a wide leather braided belt, a black thick belt that you can use to belt dresses,etc!
God I just went through my closet! LOL remember accessories are your best friends sunglasses are essential and of course lip gloss! Hope this helps! Bye

What would be appropriate attire for a middle-aged woman to wear to relative's wedding?
Q. My aunt told me my cousin is engaged and the wedding will likely be late summer or early autumn. I assume I will be invited, but I don't know if it will be formal or casual. I don't own any really "dress-up" clothes. The best thing I have right now is a pair of jeans with no holes or tears and a scrub-type top with butterflies on it. Getting me to dress-up is like getting Peppermint Patty to wear a dress. Any suggestions?

A. Arg - Middle age - That's me and it's tough to go shopping, isn't it? You don't want to wear something too young and trendy and end up looking like a "Real Housewife", yet you don't want to look like an old lady wearing Sag Harbor, either. You also want to wear something that you would wear again. Every woman should have a few good staples in her wardrobe. For example, a little black dress. Once you have one, you'll find yourself wearing it all the time.

You can't go wrong with the LBD:

OR something pretty like this:

IF you can't hang with the dress idea, consider a pretty pants suit with a colorful top:

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