Sabtu, 28 Desember 2013

what are the hottest shoes for 7yr. olds that provide good arch support for flat feet?

Q. cant use orthotics for the simple reason there expencive and the rate he's growing wouldnt be in them long,so it needs to be a shoe with great arch support.

A. At 7, I should seriously hope nobody cares about how hot or trendy their shoes are. However, as far as good arch support, my family tends to have flat feet, and our favorite sneaker brands for arch support are New Balance, Skechers, and Vans (not the canvas slip-ons, but the skate sneakers).

Any ladies know where i can get comfortable work shoes?
Q. i wanted to start wearing heels to work, but im working my way up. im thinking wedges since i find they're easier to work with. Plus i need to find close toed ones cuz of the dress code :) Any help would be great!

A. There are aerosoles and naturilizers, they will have like three adorable trendy pairs for every hundred granny pairs. lol. but they are intentionally made to be comfortable. i stand on my feet all day and i can make it in my three inch aerosoles. And there are tons of adorable professional flats out there right now since thats also the trend, if you're tall enough to pull it off. They look really cute with the cropped pant suit/cropped jacket style. Check out macy's and nordstroms, and surprisingly payless and target. I'll find a cute pair and just wear them to death. Good luck!

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