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What to wear for a charity fashion show?

Q. I'm going to attend a charity fashion show for a first time. I'm into fashion but never been at this kind of events. I wonder how people usually dress there? Formal, casual, fleshy, modest, too trendy, tasteful, trashy, designer, retail or all of the above. Is should a dress or it could be a top and pants/jeans. High heels/flats. Pumps/Boots. Thanks!

A. I suggest you wear a nice top and skinny jeans plus boots for your shoes.
Try these Baby Phat boots and get some ideas probably.
Anything that you feel like wearing and you're comfortable with, it's up to you.
Are you a part of the fashion show?
If yes, a dress will be appropriate.
If not, being simple is great too.

How do I dress more high fashion?
Q. I want to start dressing nicer and looking more high fashion/trendy. Opposed to wearing jeans and Hollister/Abercrombie baby dolls with sperrys, or the occasional cardiagan, and t shirts.

How would I go about doing this? What kind of things should I wear, outfits would be nice. I will shop anywhere.

A. The easiest and most impactful place to start is with your shoes. Heels, heels, heels and more heels. Skinny jeans go from casual to high fashion instantly with the simple addition of heels.

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