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What clothing lines should a plus size 27 year old look at?

Q. I'm at a loss for where to buy trendy clothing. I want to dress trendy and fashionable but not too young for my age. Any ideas?

A. Hi there,

I'm a plus sized gal as well and love fashion!!

My favorite stores/brands are:
Lane Bryant - they have great classy things you can wear out or to work.
Michael Kors - He has a gorgeous plus size line you can find it usually in Macy's or Bloomies or a place like that.
Calvin Klein - Great things you can find it most department stores
Torrid - they have some cute edgier things, I get a lot of my going out shirts there
Deb - This is a juniors store most have a plus size dept, have gotten some cute things there too
Avenue - This store depending on what you are looking for can have some cute things, some are for more an older crowd, but love their shoes.
INC - you can find this at Macy's gorgeous gorgeous pieces

Anyway, this should get you started, have fun!

Where can I find trendy and cheap online clothing?
Q. I am looking for trendy and cheap online clothing that is for juniors and misses. Preferably sites that offer a size chart and have more than size small. Shoe and accessories sites are welcome as well. I would also like to be able to purchase off season items as well.

A. Why not try or
I think that you can find many great deals of clothing from If you are too lazy, can try amazon discount finder ( ), which already collects all kinds of discount clothing for you.

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