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I am thinking about buying a men/women's clothing store in a small town. What can I do to update it?

Q. I can't spend a lot of money, but I would like to make the store not look so 80's. Any suggestions about how to update dressing rooms, choose paint colors, use trendy decor would be appreciated. Also, what kind of fixtures are popular right now (mannequins, racks, display cases)? If you have any tips on going to market, that would be great too!

A. well i would try store & my friend redid an old store with tons of stuff from ikea they are affordable & easy to assemble. For the markets i would take alot of linesheets & write notes dont sign anything incase you change your mind you doont want them to have your signature because then its hard to cancel an order. I usually write all my orders after the show to see all my options you can budget that way better too. Definetly wear comfortable shoes & bring some candy or granola bars because it gets tiring talking allll day. My favorite show is in vegas Magic & project you need to go the whole time because they also have alot of great seminars that you can learn from.

Where can I sell my old clothes in Amsterdam?
Q. I have some pretty good shoes and sweaters that I know will be a hit at the local vintage stores, but as far as I know, none of them buy clothes. I could really use the extra money too. Any ideas?

A. I recommend you this website:

Is a new project in Amsterdam but has been quite trendy in the US, it seems to be for women, but hey who knows maybe is also for guys...

There is a swap "party" on november 29th, and you need to buy a ticket to get in, read the website to see if it applies to what you want to do :)

Good luck :)

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