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What should one wear to a job interview to work at a 5 star hotel?

Q. My brother got a call for a job interview and he said they told him to dress appropriately as if he was to work for the hotel. He said he's gonna wear part of his tuxedo, like the white shirt, tie, black vest, slacks, and dress shoes. I thought it was a little weird that he's gonna wear a black vest, it makes it too fancy. But maybe that's how it should be. Do you think it's good or what do you recommend?

A. While men may have less variety when it comes to workplace attire, they also are subjected to more stringent definitions of what is appropriate for the office. When it comes to deciding what to wear on an important interview, in almost every situation the more conservative the suit, the better the choice. Very few men can wear suits right off the rack, and you should always take your suit to a tailor to ensure that it fits you properly before wearing it on an interview.

Navy Blue
Choose a two piece, solid colored, matched suit constructed from wool or a wool blend for your interview. Navy blue is a dark blue color. Do not wear a powder blue suit or a bright blue suit, or try to match your jacket with pants that are another color. Buy your pants and jacket together, so that you can ensure that they are exactly the same shade of navy blue. Unless you are interviewing for a job in a creative field such as graphic design, you should choose a jacket with two or three buttons. Four buttons may look too trendy and adding a vest looks ostentatious.

Charcoal Grey
Charcoal grey is a dark grey color. For men, lighter colored neutrals such as dove grey and tan are seen as too informal for a job interview. Traditionally, black suits are seen as too flashy. Even though other men in the office may be wearing these colors, you need to wait until you are actually hired before you start experimenting with your look. At an interview, you want to be remembered for your qualifications and what you say, not how you look.

What to Wear with Your Suit
Choose a full-sleeve, button up shirt in white or light blue, even if it is summer. Wear a conservative silk tie that is no less than 3 1/4 inches wide. According to Career Builder, image consultants recommend a red tie for a navy blue suit or a burgundy tie for a grey suit. If you want to wear a tie with a pattern, choose a subtle pattern. Do not wear a tie with cartoon characters on it. Wear black socks that cover your ankles, and black leather shoes with a matching belt. Carry a briefcase or portfolio with you instead of a backpack or loose papers, and remove any jewelry other than a wedding ring or watch.

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Where can I get good walking shoes?
Q. My fiance is planning our honeymoon for Las Vegas in June. I've never been to "Sin City" so I'm really looking forward to it. Based on the information that he was reading about all of the activities we want to go to, we will be doing a lot of walking along the strip. Since we will be visiting here at the end of June I know that the weather will be very hot .... I would like to know what a good shoe is for walking a lot in hot weather? I want something that will support my feet but be appropriate for heat and such.

A. Do Not wear flip flop. I made a huge mistake by wearing it during a hot summer day. The whole day i felt like my feet it burning. The pavement get really hot in the afternoon so shoes with really thin bottom is not good

Yes i know Croc is ugly and it is not trendy anymore, but it is still the most comfortable walking shoes i ever own!

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