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How can i be more like Massie Block and have a room like hers...?

Q. Ok so, i dont know how i can be more like her since i:
1. dont have a lot of money
2. dont have a VERY big room but i would consider my room as a big one
3. dont have a boyfriend
4. dont have my own clique
5. wouldn't be considered popular
6. dont have a little black pug (i DO have a little black and a LITTLE bit of brown-ish toy Doberman pinscher named Calvin and i have another one that is a BIT bigger named Boo aka booboo, baby,bubbles, etc.)

Yea, A LOT of don'ts, thats why im turning to you guys for some help, cause i know there are some people out there that are rich and are like Massie and who i wish i were but, mostly because i know you guys wont let me down, and will guide me into being a pure "Massie". : ) :) :) :D :D :D PLEASE DONT LET ME DOWN!!!!! :D ♥Sylvia a.k.a. The new Massie
Please no one tell me to be myself, it never works because if that was the solution...there wouldn't be a problem in the first place!!!!
Also, please dont say your opinion if it is something like: why would you wanna be like her?, shes a ***** in my opinion, or, shes just a character so why act like a fake person, or, shes fake wich makes you stupid to want to be someone that doesnt exist. THANKS! P.S. i would prefer long answers with lots of tips please!!! :D
Red, you really helped, thanks, xD, i love long answers cause they give more advice and your advice will really help me. Thanks!

A. wtf how old are you?? look i've read the books and the massie character is pretty cool but you don't have to be EXACTLY like this girl!!!
I suggest for you just to be trendy and try to get designer outfit dupes if you can. I look at these sites a lot for Inspiration on fashion. www.lookbook.nu AND http://www.shopbop.com/ci/3/lb/latest-lookbooks.html
another thing I suggest is to keep yourself look clean, fresh, and chic. This means no raccoon eyes of eyeliner when doing makeup or a closet full of old tennis shoes.
For the clique thing, just stick to the friends you already have and enjoy the time you have with them! There is always naturally a leader to all the groups so just be the one who always tells the funny jokes, gives the best advice, looks good, and is genuinely caring and a great friend. It isn't hard :)
Also about the boyfriend thing, Massie always assumes she's too intimidating or bad-ass enough for the boys at her school so just be confident and don't waste your time obsessing over a guy. At least not until they come to you ;)
Well that's all I can think of! Hope I helped!

Holiday gift suggestions for my family members?
Q. I have a few people in my family that I still don't know what to get them.I know it's early but I really don't want to be last minute.I'm 13 years old so I will go with my dad to get my mom's presents and the same goes for my mom.Here are the people I have left-
Dad-likes hunting and fishing-handyman-49 years old-has way too many things for fishing and hunting:poles,bows and arrows,clothes,a boat,etc...
Cousin #1-Nine year old girl-hard buying clothes for-likes all sports-especially Soccer and Basketball
Cousin #2-Thirteen year old boy-likes rock bands-has X-Box 360-wants a guitar from parents
I already know what I'm getting my mom so those are the only three.If you only have a suggestion for one post it anyway.Thanks for your help!

Sorry Babydoll but I don't think a 9 year old girl or 13 year old boy is going to want a framed poem for Christmas.

A. DAD~~~

Does he like football?

Tickets to see his favorite team play or a cooler with the team colors would be good Christmas gifts for father

. If football isn't his game, maybe he has a favorite baseball or basketball team, or perhaps he likes the stock car or horse races. Any ideas relating to these interests are good Christmas gift ideas for father-in-law.

Does he like to go running?

A pedometer or a gift certificate to a sports shoe store would be nice Christmas gifts ideas for father-in-law in he likes to go jogging, running, or even walking or biking.

Does he golf?

Golf balls and tees or a gift certificate to an online pro shop would be fabulous Christmas gifts for your father-in-law. If he doesn't already have one, a membership to a local golf course would also be a Christmas gift father-in-law would really like.

Does he like to cook out?

A new grill, grilling utensils, or a large outdoor fryer and turkey frying kit would be nice Christmas gifts for father-in-law. If he likes to cook in instead of cooking out, gourmet cookbooks make good Christmas gifts.

Does he like to read?

Books by his favorite authors or from his favorite genre, or gift certificates to a book store would be good Christmas gift ideas for father-in-law. How-to books are very popular among men who are handy by nature.

Are his yard tools worn out?

Most men love to have new lawnmowers or weedeaters that don't require maintenance every time they use them, so these can be very good Christmas gift ideas for your father-in-law.

Cousin#1- 1. Some girls pretend that they 'outgrow' the love of dolls, but most girls just love dolls of all kinds. Young girls like baby dolls while older girls may like collectible dolls. At any rate, dolls are one of the all time best Christmas gifts for girls.

2. Some girls really are tom-boys and don't like dolls. So what are great Christmas gifts for girls who don't like dolls? How about basketballs? Many girls enjoy the challenge of sinking the basketball.

3. Pretty things like music boxes are always super Christmas gifts for girls.

4. Girls of all ages love to add to their wardrobe, so trendy clothes are excellent Christmas gifts for girls.

5. Have you ever met a girl that doesn't have a vast collection of shoes? Shoes, including Christmas shoes, are marvelous Christmas gifts for girls of all ages.

6. Many girls love to dance, and some even sing. Regardless of age, hip music and audio devices like cassette or CD players or karaoke machines are excellent Christmas gifts for girls.

7. Another thing girls really like to do is to decorate for the holidays. Early Christmas gift ideas list for girls might include things like Christmas decorations, Christmas dishes or special, personalized Christmas ornaments.

8. For the sweet tooth, Christmas gift ideas such as Christmas candy, Christmas cookies or Christmas stockings filled with goodies are very thoughtful.

9. For girls who like to cook, cookbooks or cooking utensils are good Christmas gifts.

10. Flowers... Girls of all ages love flowers. Christmas flower arrangements are sure to be Christmas gift ideas for girls that will bring a smile to their faces.

Cousin #2- 1. Teen boys like to 'fit in' with their peers, so music is usually a big deal for them. A good car stereo or boom boxes are great Christmas gifts for teen boys.

2. Unless you really know what kind of music is 'in' you shouldn't probably buy actual music CDs, but gift certificates to music stores are logical Christmas gifts for teen boys. Also, buying memberships to legitimate, legal MP3 download sites are wonderful Christmas gift ideas for teen boys, besides, a legal membership for downloading music may keep them out of trouble.

3. Some great Christmas gifts teen boys really like are car or truck accessories, if they have a vehicle. Anything from floor mats to chrome hub caps make good Christmas gifts teen boys will love.

4. Most teen boys in this day and age like video games, so video games, video game accessories or gift certificates for gaming stores are excellent Christmas gifts for teen boys.

5. If you are really at a loss for Christmas gifts ideas for teen boys, consider getting a gift certificate to eBay where they can choose their own Christmas gifts at great prices! eBay has literally everything, new and used items that are auctioned off. Sometimes the thrill of bidding and trying to win an auction is just as fun as buying the merchandise itself. Nifty Nicky's nephews think eBay gift certificates are the best Christmas gift idea for teen boys she has ever come up with.

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