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Stylish a Fashion Guide for Plus Size Petite Women?

Q. Is there anything you think a plus-sized woman should avoid, and why? ... That being said, all big women, though, should wear form-fitting clothes.

A. Here are some tips to keep a classic style while sensation youthful:

Choose solids whenever wearing trousers, skirts as well as jackets -- whitened, black, khaki, dark chocolate brown, actually olive green.

Put on or have cardigan knit tops or sexy dresses to cover stomach fat and stay comfortable in air-conditioned locations. Loose fitted is better than restricted. I tend to put on a camisole or even textured t-shirt beneath my sexy dresses. My shops of choice tend to be Banana Republic as well as Anne Taylor or even Anne Taylor Attic, where I'm able to often find several trendy items (on sale) to decorate my traditional wardrobe. A lot of women find Talbots as well as Chico's preferable, because they cater to the actual middle-aged woman's determine; i.at the. the middle.

Purchase comfortable footwear. You can find fashionable and trendy footwear made by Clarks, Munro, Merrell, Rockport and various other manufacturers. I've bought comfy high heel shoes made by Tahari that do not squeeze the life span out of my personal feet. However i make sure the foot area is actually wide sufficient and made of material or gentle leather. In addition, I buy the 7 or even 7 1/2 rather than 6 1/2 nowadays.

Accessorize along with bold jewellery. Big drops are all the trend but if you are middle-aged they might overcome you. Select wisely. My personal mother shines in handmade and very jewelry through Swarovski. But you will find similar types of costume jewellery in Talbots, Angel Taylor, Banana Republic, Chico's along with other shops. If you are short much like me, big jewellery is overwhelming. With regard to taller ladies, bolder is most likely better.


Where can a woman with size 12 WIDE feet find a variety of quality, trendy, comfortable selection of shoes??
Q. I've got big feet... I hate "Coward" and catalogs like it that have a large variety of what I term "old lady shoes". I wear a size 12 wide. Just to give you an idea of what I like - I love my dansko clogs (mens) and birkenstock sandals, but I want something more slighty feminine. I wish I could wear Sketchers...but they're too small. <sigh>

Any ideas?

Thanks for the help!
Brooke :)

A. zappos.com
also some places like Nordstrom will special order another size shoe for you if they dont have it in stock

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