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What should i wear for my interview?

Q. hi! i am 13 years old and was selected by my teacher to try out for a scholarship to a science camp during the summer. I turned in my application and essay and now they have asked me to come in for an interview. I am very excited, but i don't know what I should wear and what is appropriate for this type of meeting. I am open to any suggestions. Thanks for your help!! :D
thanks for everyone's suggestions!

A. While you want to look professional, you are still 13, not 45.
So maybe a white button down shirt with cute details, like shiny buttons, ruffles, or puffed sleeves. Or you could wear a printed skirt that goes to your knees and a structured jacket in a solid color. Metallic shoes also pull together any outfit.
Add trendy accessories like a long necklace or earrings.

Where to find casual trendy clothes for extra tall young men?
Q. My boyfriend is 6 ft. 4in. And weighs about 220lbs and he hates his height. One of the reasons why is because he cannot find any clothes that fit him properly. Right now he wears plain t shirts and baggy jeans held up by a belt. He would like to have variety. He's 21 and doesn't want to dress up in clothes that make him look like a teacher or any older like how most Big & Tall stores do. He is also incredibly sensitive about the style of pants he wears because (this is in all seriousness-not trying to be funny or inappropriate) he has a very LARGE p.e.n.i.s. And it shows if his pants are too tight (that's why he wears them baggy). I just would like to help him find a few stores that would carry clothing that would fit him and look trendy like how any 21 year old male would like to dress. Online store suggestions would also be a good help! (He would also like a choice of places to look for shoes, he wears a size 18)

Please help.

A. Ballroom jeans.....maybe that would give him some extra room. I think he would be better off finding clothing he likes that are slightly bigger and have them altered to fit. Some people have such different bodies that they break the mold most of the rest of us fit in to. Plus getting your clothing fitted and altered can be fun and you feel special.

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