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What are some plus size clothing websites that are good for teens almost like torrid?

Q. i wanted to check out some websites for plus size teens that have trendy clothing. Everything you see in Macy or Lane Brayant is really for older women and i want to dress my age! I was wondering if anybody knows about websites that have such clothing, jewerl, and shoes etc... THANKS---

A. Deb, Forever 21.

Where is the best place to order online for women who wear a size 16-18 and are large in the bust area?
Q. My friend is plus size and wants to completely change her look. She has asked me to help her out with ideas and shopping. What clothes are sexy and in style right now. What about shoes? She's a size 10. She is a very sexy woman-how can we let her sexiness shine through so that she can get back into the dating scene again.

A. All of these sites carry or specialize in plus sizes: - fun, inexpensive tees, skirts, etc. - great lingerie, good place for basic items & swimsuits - bras, workout wear, stockings, etc. - " - stylish clothing - stylish clothing, sales worth checking out - fun, trendy clothing

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