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What are the cutest, warmest, trendiest shoes for this fall and winter?

Q. I want your opinions! What are the coolest (warm) shoes for this coming fall and winter?

A. Uggs

When you wear pants with shoes that are a different color, what color should your hose/socks be?
Q. If you're wearing grey pants with black shoes, do you wear grey hose or black hose? Nude? This is for a dinner event, not a job interview-type event.

Let me be more specific. I'm attending my best friend's dad's retirement dinner party in DC, and am planning on wearing a purple wrap sweater, grey pants, and either pewter colored pointy toed kitten heels (from target) or black pumps (curved toe with some toe clevage, also from Target). Which shoes with what color hose? Or should I forget the pants and go with a black knee-length skirt? I'm so stinking confused!
I can't wear these shoes without hose, I prefer not to have blisters at the end of the night.

A. Ok, with the pewter shoes, I would go with a nylon that matches your skin color. You can wear black with the black pumps or a similar nylon. If you really want to get trendy, you can match the black with a pair of thin and patterned black tights.

The most important thing in this equation is the pant hem. It should fall within a 1/4 to 1/2 inch from the floor. If it doesn't, get them hemmed to the appropriate length. Otherwise you're going to be showing too much of whatever legwear you choose :)

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