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How can I avoid looking like an obvious tourist in Italy?

Q. About 11 people from my Italian club (at school) are going to Italy with a tour group called CHA. My Italian teacher, who has organized two trips prior to this one, wants us to wear CHA's backpack when we're over there, in order for her to see us easily. I personally think that it's just going to be an even more obvious indicator that we're tourists, aside from the fact that we'll be traveling in a group...

As far as I know, no one else has had to label themselves a tourist in such a way on her two previous trips. Any suggestions on how I can *try* to convince her to drop the whole "wear the backpack with the obvious CHA label" idea?

Also, for those of you who live, have lived, or have been to Italy in the past, what do they usually wear? I was considering bringing several of my Hollister shirts, plus a few plain (non-labeled) shirts, and jeans. Will this just scream "TOURIST!," or do they have/wear Hollister over there?

Thank you!

A. I am an American who used to live in Italy. Yes, matching backpacks will bring attention to the fact that you are all in a tour group, so if you do end up having to use them, just be careful and pay attention to who is around you. If you are going to be carrying anything valuable in it, you might want to consider buying and using one of those tiny padlocks for travel - that way if someone does have the intention of trying to get into it when you're not watching, they won't be able to.

As for clothing - one thing that usually indicates a tourist is light clothing. Italians tend to wear darker colors. Many American tourists wear pastels and white tennis shoes - easy to pick out in a crowd. Many Italians don't even wear shorts in the summer when out in the towns. Italy does have many trendy shops, but the styles there are somewhat different than what we wear in America. A suggestion is that you take some extra money and purchase a few items of clothing there - you can wear it while there and not look like a tourist, but you can also bring it back here and have something none of your friends will have! Italians also tend to wear clothing tighter than Americans, so just watch the sizing.

With regard to jeans, most American tourists wear jeans - they are not the easiest to find in Italy, but most Italians that I knew there wished they had some!

My overall suggestion: Just wear what you're comfortable in - try to take darker clothing if you don't want to stand out - but remember, this is your vacation and whatever you do, just ENJOY and not worry about what others are thinking.

What should i wear for my interview?
Q. hi! i am 13 years old and was selected by my teacher to try out for a scholarship to a science camp during the summer. I turned in my application and essay and now they have asked me to come in for an interview. I am very excited, but i don't know what I should wear and what is appropriate for this type of meeting. I am open to any suggestions. Thanks for your help!! :D
thanks for everyone's suggestions!

A. While you want to look professional, you are still 13, not 45.
So maybe a white button down shirt with cute details, like shiny buttons, ruffles, or puffed sleeves. Or you could wear a printed skirt that goes to your knees and a structured jacket in a solid color. Metallic shoes also pull together any outfit.
Add trendy accessories like a long necklace or earrings.

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