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Are Cowboy Shoes in trend 2011 ?

Q. Are cowboy/girl shoes in trend this fall/winter 2011/12 ?

A. They're not a trend right now but they aren't necessarily considered out of style either. Go ahead and wear them but don't expect a lot of trendy stores to be stocking up on them.

Back-to-school Trends for Fall 2011?
Q. Hi! Ok so I'm going back to school in 2 weeks, and I want to get unique clothes that are me but still trendy...I'm into indie/preppy kinda clothes. Do you guys have any idea where I could shop for these and any essentials I should buy...?
I was thinking WetSeal and Rue21. Also shoes! I like Sperry Top siders...
Also don't say Forever21 bc everyone shops there and that makes it boring.
Thanks so much!(:

A. Fringe (really into style at the moment.)
Off-shoulder/baggy clothing.
Cropped pants.
Cardigans (quarter sleeve)
Long necklaces/thick bracelets.
Off shoulder sweatshirts.

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